Pivotal and Mirantis Partner To Deliver Pivotal Cloud Foundry On Mirantis OpenStack

May 11, 2015 Karun Bakshi

sfeatured-pcfToday, Pivotal entered into a partnership with Mirantis that brings together the leading open source cloud software projects (Cloud Foundry and OpenStack) to deliver integrated, enterprise cloud infrastructure solutions. Now, joint customers can deploy and operate Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Mirantis OpenStack (MOS). Available immediately, companies can follow a runbook to deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry on MOS. This partnership is an important milestone for both companies, and we’re excited about the possibilities it opens up for both Pivotal and Mirantis customers.

Industries globally are experiencing upheaval driven by software-powered upstarts, that are effectively leveraging cloud, agile methodology, and DevOps practices to deliver always-on, web-scale services. As enterprises struggle to adapt and maintain relevance in this disruptive environment, they are increasingly committing to embracing cloud and application platform infrastructures, and seeking out partners that can help deliver them.

Cloud technologies, since their inception, have had a strong open source component. They have benefited from the breadth of contributors and the resulting rapid pace of maturation. Indeed, we believe open source will be the basis for computational infrastructure moving forward. Black Duck, a firm dedicated to helping companies manage and streamline their use of open source, notes in its annual 2015 “Future of Open Source” survey that 78% of companies currently run on open source—a number that has doubled since 2010. The report further states that more than 65% of enterprises today consider open source software before proprietary options.

Together, the OpenStack and Cloud Foundry open source software projects deliver enterprises what they seek—robust, open source cloud platforms that enjoy broad industry support. OpenStack provides enterprises the enabling IaaS layer to power public, private, and hybrid clouds. Cloud Foundry, in turn, provides the cloud-native application platform resting on this OpenStack infrastructure. Together, they enable agile development and DevOps practices using multiple languages and frameworks to rapidly develop applications that are self-healing, scalable and portable across cloud instances. Each project is guided by separate foundations, each comprised of a broad set of industry leaders who provide stewardship, resources and commitment to the success and relevance of the projects for the benefit of all.

Finally, Pivotal and Mirantis are leaders in the Cloud Foundry and OpenStack ecosystems and commercial support for these projects by them ensures that the investment and risk that enterprises assume in deploying these technologies rest on a solid foundation of companies committed to their success. Through regular contributions to the projects, Pivotal and Mirantis help harden the technologies to make them fit for enterprise use. Pivotal is the leading contributor to Cloud Foundry, while Mirantis is one of the top three contributors to OpenStack. Pivotal Cloud Foundry also provides additional, exclusive enterprise features such as Managed Services, security (e.g. role based access control) and operational visibility and manageability via Ops Manager (e.g., logging, metrics). Both also have significant market traction; Pivotal saw the fastest growth of any commercial open source project in history last year, and Mirantis has garnered equally compelling commercial success with customers such as Cisco, Comcast, Expedia, Ericsson, WorkDay and Symantec.

Pivotal and Mirantis are natural partners for enterprises embracing open cloud technologies. Together Pivotal and Mirantis are focused on enabling, global differentiated innovation—letting enterprises focus on the challenges of their domains and industries to develop unique differentiation, rather than separately investing in re-inventing complex (and redundant) infrastructure. Our partnership brings the technical expertise and business credibility of leaders in the Cloud Foundry and OpenStack ecosystems that creates the rock-solid cloud infrastructure that enterprises can rely upon to navigate change, defend their market position, capture new opportunities and build their next generation of services.

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Karun Bakshi

Karun Bakshi drives Pivotal Cloud Foundry® product marketing. He has held roles spanning engineering, product management, product/platform marketing and business development at Lockheed Martin, Oracle and Microsoft.

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