Enterprise-grade cloud monitoring and analytics

Get a unified observability multi-cloud management solution with single-source-of-truth visibility and contextualized information across logs, metrics and traces for greater business agility while maintaining SLAs.

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Unified observability

View all three pillars of observability (metrics, logs, traces) from a single source of truth.

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Get unmatched scalability in the millions of points per second.

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Faster issue resolution

Pinpoint root cause to improve uptime, gain faster issue resolution, and enjoy greater business agility.

Why we’re easy to use

Correlate data across applications, infrastructure, developer and DevOps tools of your choice with packaged dashboards, metrics and alerts. Gain instant visibility across all major public cloud platforms: AWS, Azure and GCP.

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Use Cases

Analytics on full-stack metrics

Tanzu Observability provides in-depth observability across modern cloud applications and infrastructure with metrics, logs, traces and event data collected across the entire IT stack.

Insights on app tracing and logs

Tanzu Observability records full distributed traces of your cloud native applications, correlating it all to metrics and logs within application service maps. Troubleshoot and optimize application performance faster with unified views.

Advanced alerts powered by analytics

Tanzu Observability enables DevOps teams to monitor modern, cloud native applications, microservices and serverless. With advanced and accurate alerting, powered by AI/analytics and query language, DevOps engineers can define smart, adaptive, multi-threshold alert conditions, eliminating alert storms.

Real-time insights into modern applications

Tanzu Observability delivers instant real-time alerting on anomalies in your production applications, pinpointing the root-cause and reducing mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

Full granularity for all your telemetry

Tanzu Observability retains full granularity for all your telemetry (1-sec bucket default, sub-1-sec with histograms) as data is archived. No down-sampling preserves 100% data fidelity. Accurately baseline to seasonality and historical trends.

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