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A modern runtime for microservices

VMware Tanzu Application Service is a modern application platform for enterprises that want to continuously deliver and run microservices across clouds.

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Deploy at the speed of business

Release new features and updates to production daily.

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Reliably run apps at cloud scale

Efficiently manage Day 2 operations
across clouds.

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Reduce risk and protect your systems

Apply security patches and platform updates with near zero downtime.

Tanzu Application Service Key Capabilities

Deploy new code into production with a simple cf push

Best runtime for Spring and Spring Boot

Spring Boot takes an opinionated view of building production-ready Spring apps. Spring Boot favors convention over configuration and is designed to get you up and running quickly.

Native Windows and .NET experience

Run your legacy .NET Framework apps on Tanzu Application Service. Push applications to containers running on Windows Server 2016. Run new apps built with .NET Core.

using System;
namespace myApp
	class Program
		static void Main(string[] args)
			Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
Deploy Spring app
Deploy .NET app

Run on your preferred infrastructure targets

Tanzu Application Service delivers consistent developer and operational experience on both vSphere and public cloud.

Automated scaling keeps your apps online
during traffic spikes

Automatically add more capacity so your applications stay online when traffic surges—and scale down when it returns to normal. Set thresholds and triggers.

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Easily extend your apps with Services Marketplace (or BYOService)

Browse dozens of industry-leading application and data services, and easily add them to your code with service brokers.

View Services Marketplace

Deliver enterprise SLAs and breakthrough operational efficiency

Meet and exceed uptime goals with four layers of high availability and zero-downtime deployments.

Turnkey microservices operations and security

Spring Cloud Services brings microservices best practices to Tanzu Application Service. Operating microservices at scale is dramatically easier with these integrated capabilities, like dynamic application configuration and distributed service discovery.

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“We started launching apps into production, and went from 4 apps to 40 apps to 400 apps, and it's been great for running our entire e-commerce business.”

Sean McShay, Kroger Read Customer Story
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Use Cases

Supporting icon App modernization and legacy app migration

Evolve important business apps interacting with middleware stacks that are 10–15 years old. Eliminate inflexible app servers and stacks that don’t support automation. Take a pragmatic approach to transforming legacy apps: Use a modern, cloud native architecture and DevOps approach to refactor and replatform. Better align crucial applications to rapidly changing requirements.

Supporting icon Microservices

Adopt a microservices architecture and boost velocity. Encourage rapid iteration and small changes to discrete components of a system. Deploy microservices via continuous delivery and give developers a frictionless path to production. Deploy small changes frequently and see big benefits over time. Run apps on a runtime that makes it easy to do the right thing and further your DevOps culture.

Supporting icon Data security, compliance, and process automation

Use cloud native security principles to automate compliance tasks. Build automated systems that log every activity. Use an operational toolchain that can rapidly patch and update components as new bits become available. Embrace immutable infrastructure.

Supporting icon Modern software design

Embrace agile and lean approaches to digital transformation. Build new cloud native apps featuring an API-first design. Deliver features to users across many devices. Operate at start-up speeds, reducing time to market.

Supporting icon Scalability

Deploy on an application runtime proven to handle high volumes of API calls. Deliver superior uptime for enterprise apps and ensure a responsive end-user experience during peak demand. Boost user satisfaction while reducing risk.

Supporting icon The Industrial Internet/IoT

Use analytics and an application runtime to turn data from thousands of sensors into actionable insights that reduce cost and improve product quality. Accelerate time to insight from weeks to minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VMware Tanzu Application Service?

VMware Tanzu Application Service is a modern application platform for enterprises that want to continuously deliver and run microservices securely at scale both on-premises and across clouds.

What are the key capabilities of Tanzu Application Service?

It's the best runtime for Spring and Spring Boot: Spring Boot apps “just work” on Tanzu Application Service, with no modification. There’s extensive architectural affinity between Spring apps and the platform.

It has a native Windows and .NET experience: Tanzu Application Service includes deep support for modern patterns and practices for Windows Server and .NET Framework, which is ideal for enterprises that need a better runtime for their Windows apps.

App Autoscaler automates horizontal scaling: Add more capacity to your applications when traffic spikes, and scale down as traffic returns to normal. Set thresholds and triggers.

Troubleshoot with App Metrics: App Metrics logs and displays application telemetry to help your engineers troubleshoot microservices architectures. Agentless install and zero-configuration setup.

What are the benefits of Tanzu Application Service?

Tanzu Application Service provides application development teams an automated path to production for custom code, and a secure, highly available runtime that scales to support the most demanding operations teams.

Speed: Tanzu Application Service enables rapid time to value for your custom code by managing everything else for you.

Scalability: Tanzu Application Service uses Cloud Foundry BOSH to help deliver enterprise SLAs as the business grows.

Secure by default: Tanzu Application Service is highly automated and improves the security posture across the application portfolio, dramatically lowering risks posed by manual processes.

Who uses Tanzu Application Service?

VMware Tanzu Application Service is a modern platform purpose-built for developers to boost feature velocity and for operations teams to deliver world-class uptime.

Developers: Focus on your code and let Tanzu Application Service do the rest. When you deploy new code with a simple cf push, the system gets your app into production moments later. Dependency management, load balancing, container orchestration, and logging are done for you.

Operators: Tanzu Application Service automates the operational tasks to increase stability and availability. It also includes cloud native security capabilities to mitigate risks posed by malware, advanced persistent threats, and leaked credentials.

What is cf push?

cf push is the iconic command of Tanzu Application Service. After you cf push your code, the platform:

  • Uploads your code to the system
  • Detects and installs required runtime and middleware
  • Containerizes your app, packaged with dependencies
  • Sets up a route or URL
  • Creates a load-balancing entry
  • Creates SSL termination
  • Creates health monitoring and logging subsystems
  • Starts your app in a healthy state, with the desired number of instances
  • Binds specified backing services

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