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Scale your data services on demand to support
high-performance, real-time apps.

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Get high-performance data scalability

Tanzu GemFire is a distributed, in-memory, key-value store that performs read and write operations at blazingly fast speeds. It offers highly available parallel message queues, continuous availability, and an event-driven architecture you can scale dynamically with no downtime. As your data size requirements increase to support high-performance, real-time apps, Tanzu GemFire can scale linearly with ease.

Unlock your application's full potential

Microservices frequently face challenges when relying on traditional databases, as these databases are often plagued by issues related to fragility, reliability and performance. This is why modern architectures require a state-of-the-art data solution. Tanzu GemFire empowers microservices by providing them with the ability to make real-time decisions, access a wider range of data, and surpass the service level agreements (SLAs) of traditional databases.

Scale seamlessly and consistently across data centers

Tanzu GemFire ensures that it can meet your present and future data management needs while maintaining the critical data consistency required for your business operations. You can seamlessly scale your infrastructure up or down without any application downtime, ensuring the safety of your data and supporting low-latency data operations to meet the demands of your applications. With features like transparent high-availability and Cross Data Center replication, your applications remain resilient, whether they are deployed on-premises or in the cloud.


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Effortless elastic scaling

Seamlessly increase your system's capacity to manage peak usage, and then simply scale down when the demand returns to normal with zero downtime. Tanzu GemFire dynamically redistributes data when servers are added or removed, enhancing overall system elasticity and ultimately reducing ongoing runtime costs.

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Real-time event processing

Tanzu GemFire empowers applications to observe data changes and react in real-time. Applications have the flexibility to either listen for all changes in state or receive a filtered view, allowing them to act upon specific and exceptional changes.

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Predictable low latency

With Tanzu GemFire's in-memory, horizontally scalable architecture, your users can consistently rely on low latency, even during substantial peaks in concurrent access.

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Cloud ready

Tanzu GemFire is ready to run where you need it. Tanzu GemFire is compatible with Tanzu platforms, VMware vSphere, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift and bare-metal infrastructure.

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Hidden gem discovery

Tanzu GemFire boasts exceptional query and search capabilities, designed to empower users with unparalleled data access and retrieval. Harnessing the power of Object Query Language, Tanzu GemFire can efficiently index and navigate intricate domain models and collections. Tanzu GemFire also offers first-class support for Apache Lucene, enabling applications to make use of text search functionalities in advanced applications such as Generative Artificial Intelligence.

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First-class integration with Spring

Spring Data for Tanzu GemFire simplifies how developers can work with Tanzu GemFire. Let Spring handle the details so you can get on with building great apps!

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Security that’s built in, not bolted on

Tanzu GemFire features robust role-based access control, encompassing all aspects of the Tanzu GemFire environment. Architects enjoy the flexibility of being able to regulate access from completely open to locked down to a single data element. Tanzu GemFire ensures the protection of data flowing through it via encrypted transport streams, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.

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Multisite replication

Use Tanzu GemFire’s Multi Geo (Cross Data Center or Multi Data Center) replication capability for active-active configuration. For disaster recovery, deploy Tanzu GemFire across sites in an active-passive setup.

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Polyglot language support

Experience seamless access to the extensive features of Tanzu GemFire through a range of programming languages, including Java, C++ and .NET. With a straightforward REST API, Tanzu GemFire effortlessly facilitates cross-language support, enhancing compatibility across diverse development environments.

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High availability and business continuity

Deploy with confidence with the resilience provided by Tanzu GemFire’s in-memory data replication and a shared-nothing persistence architecture. No more downtime from node failures, datacenter-wide outages, or software upgrades. Tanzu GemFire nodes automatically fail over in the event of a node-level outage, while its highly efficient WAN replication protocol enables multi-datacenter deployment for business continuity.

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Use Cases

Real-time analytics

From credit card fraud detection and risk calculation to industrial fleet tracking, Tanzu GemFire's robust in-memory data grid excels at managing terabytes of data while providing real-time notifications to monitor and respond to mission-critical processes. Its rapid and continuous querying empowers systems to promptly access large volumes of incoming data, facilitating agile and decisive actions.

Easily handled high-volume transactions

Online shopping. Connected devices. Securities trading. These types of transactional applications demand extremely high-performance data management to process thousands of parallel transactions. An in-memory data grid that supports high data consistency is a must to provide real-time responses.

Optimized large-scale data insights with advanced in-memory computing

Tanzu GemFire distinguishes itself with the unique ability to execute computations directly at the heart of your data. By efficiently distributing work across all cluster members or targeting specific data elements, it empowers data engineers to fine-tune analytics for maximum efficiency and scalability, ensuring your organization can harness the full power of your data.

Harnessed streaming data for dynamic decision-making

Tanzu GemFire captures and tracks changes in streaming data at in-memory speeds, allowing businesses to establish real-time, event-driven architectures. This empowers you to identify irregularities, trigger immediate actions like notifications, data synchronization and rapid response to business logic, ensuring data consistency and enabling real-time decision-making across distributed systems.

Legacy data modernization

Tanzu GemFire serves as a powerful enabler for the modernization of legacy Data Services, including those deeply entrenched in mainframes. It facilitates the seamless transition of heritage Data Services into the contemporary landscape by acting as an inline cache or cache-aside solution. This integration empowers organizations to bridge the divide between legacy data repositories and modern microservices, ensuring real-time data accessibility. As a result, Tanzu GemFire enables organizations to fully leverage their historical data assets in the context of today's data-driven decision-making processes, ushering in a new era of agility and performance in data management.

Global data operations

Tanzu GemFire revolutionizes global data operations by effortlessly connecting data across geographically distributed locations. This enables real-time data synchronization and access, whether your data is hosted on-premises or within the extensive data centers of major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Embrace enhanced disaster recovery capabilities and minimize latency by positioning data near end users, ensuring swift access to crucial information. Tanzu GemFire's adaptable data filtering features seamlessly aid in compliance with data sovereignty laws and regulations, providing a comprehensive solution for global data management.

System of record

Tanzu GemFire acts as a robust system of record by maintaining a distributed architecture that provides high availability and fault tolerance. It ensures data durability and consistency through a combination of in-memory storage for high-speed access and persistence to disk for long-term data integrity. This approach is vital for businesses as it guarantees a reliable source of truth, particularly in distributed environments and supports applications requiring real-time, accurate data.

Application data cache

For businesses seeking to enhance their data caching capabilities, Tanzu GemFire offers a versatile solution for superior performance and scalability. By storing frequently accessed data in-memory, it minimizes the need for repetitive database queries. This is particularly valuable when handling data that is largely static or slowly changing, optimizing performance and accommodating growing workloads. Additionally, Tanzu GemFire seamlessly integrates with the Spring Framework, ensuring developer-friendly support for robust applications in high-demand environments.