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Open source is an essential part of any software strategy—from a developer’s laptop to the data center. At VMware, we’re committed to open source and their communities so that we can all deliver better solutions: software that’s more secure, scalable, and innovative.

Open Source Foundation Memberships

We participate in and support many open source organizations and events in the open source community, ranging from our keynote event SpringOne, to small grassroots efforts, to Foundations for collaborative development. These include:

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The Power of Human Difference

VMware believes diversity yields the best result—whether you’re building a team or a piece of software. We support a variety of organizations who share this belief, and host summer immersion programs for high school students to PhD candidates. Our ethos of citizen philanthropy enables our employees to invest their time and talent in hyper-local events such as hackathons and coding competitions for teens and under-represented communities. To learn more about VMware’s diversity and inclusion commitments, please visit our The Power of Human Difference site.

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