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Build a custom app platform with Kubernetes

For your organization to succeed, you need to deliver innovative products more rapidly and provide the value your customers expect. That requires a Kubernetes strategy, a cutting-edge platform, and the technical expertise to deliver it in production. And that’s where VMware Tanzu Labs comes in.

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We pair alongside your team to show you how to build, manage, and scale Kubernetes.

Every organization is different. There’s no single right answer to many technology challenges. That’s why Tanzu Labs will work with you to design, build and scale a Kubernetes-based app platform using commercial products, pure open source components, or a mix of both.

No matter your strategy, our world-class experts will help you implement and scale a production app platform that delivers enduring value for your business and a great developer experience.

“We engaged with VMware Tanzu Labs to learn how to create a developer experience and not just operate a platform.”
Miranda LeBlanc

Miranda LeBlanc, Liberty Mutual

What we’ll do together

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The first step

This is the most important part of the engagement. We lay the foundation for what’s to come, and define success for the rest of your organization.

Identify areas of opportunity, risk, and mitigations for your app platform and targeted apps.

Get an outcomes-based roadmap and plan how to achieve your key business objectives based on research and evidence.

Plan for increased security, stability, and speed of feature delivery.

Provide executive awareness of goals, challenges, opportunities and next steps.

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Build and Evolve

Develop a platform developers want to use

Here, we’ll build a Kubernetes-based app platform. Our team will work with your team to leverage the best tooling for both infrastructure and developer needs.

Design an app platform that considers both apps and infrastructure.

Collaboratively install, configure and integrate the components needed for a developer-centric, production-ready platform.

Enable a dedicated platform team in user-centered, iterative approaches to manage and develop your cloud native platform.

Automate platform deployments, patching, upgrades and operations.

Evolve capabilities to meet changing needs of your developers and applications. Learn how to treat your platform like a product.

Kubernetes installed

Cluster bootstrapping and lifecycle management handled.

Storage Integration

Integrate underlying storage providers with containers.

Container Networking

Provide container networking plugin, configure with best practices, and integrate with underlying network.

Service Routing

Expose applications, balancing load, and securing traffic.


Logging, monitoring, alerting, and tracing for the cluster and applications.

Platform Security

Admission control, identity, and runtime security.

Platform Adopted

Application running on the platform.

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Launch and Adopt

Migrate apps and on-board developers

Accelerate platform adoption and success at scale. Here’s how we’ll do it.

Establish Kubernetes-based path to production for apps

Create a developer on-ramp for low-friction, self-service, migration

Minimize source code changes required

Drive platform features based on common application patterns

Build confidence in your platform with your developers

Establish processes for continued app migration

Kubernetes Available

Platform built atop Kubernetes made available for Developers.

Developer Workflow

Application development, build, and testing lifecycles.

Application Enchancements

Application practices to enable resilience, observability, and scaling of an application.

Build and Packaging

Building, containerizing, versioning, and packaging applications.

Application Lifecycle

Automating advanced application lifecycles such as stateful workloads.


Tracing, logging, and monitoring practices for cloud native apps.

Cloud Native Apps

Application deploying, running, and scaling successfully on cloud native infrastructure

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Evolve practices and tooling to keep pace

Master the skills needed to run a modern platform. Then establish modern practices for sustained cloud native success.

Update and patch your platform to achieve vulnerability and legacy budgets, while maintaining availability goals.

Respond to incidents and learn through retrospectives.

Extend your platform with new features to meet business needs.

Enable consistent visibility into platform metrics.

Work together to define Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for the platform.

Our services

Supporting icon Tanzu Navigator

Turn your Kubernetes goals into a plan of action and a design that can be implemented in production. We’ll research and test your hypotheses around user needs, business goals, and technical feasibility.

Supporting icon Platform Deployment

We’ll help you identify the platforms you want to build and offer to users. We’ll install, configure, integrate, and extend VMware Tanzu or another Kubernetes platform in your environment.

Supporting icon Platform Development

Our Kubernetes architects can help you design, build and scale a production-ready app platform leveraging VMware Tanzu, Kubernetes, commercial and open source building blocks. Provide your developers with an app platform tailored to your portfolio and business objectives.

Supporting icon Platform Management

We offer a fully managed platform service including patching, updates and 24/7 incident response in alignment with your availability objectives. Or we provide hands-on enablement to teach your team how to expertly manage your platform.

Supporting icon Health Check

A 360-degree assessment of your platform health, ensuring that the dedicated people in your Platform Team and the VMware Tanzu technology can provide mission-critical services to your customers. We’ll build a plan for continued refinement, identifying opportunities for improvement of people, process, application/platform design and technology to support you in getting the best results from your platform.

Supporting icon Modern Platform Governance

Prioritize platform feature delivery while achieving your security and compliance objectives. Together, we’ll internally market your VMware Tanzu or another Kubernetes platform to acquire users and workloads and build a super-user community. Our experts pair with your people to establish and enable your dedicated Platform Team.

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