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Build a Kubernetes-based platform

For your organization to succeed, you need to deliver innovative products more rapidly and provide the value customers expect. That requires a Kubernetes strategy, a cutting-edge platform, and the technical expertise to deliver it in production. That’s where VMware Tanzu Labs comes in.

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Perfect the art of modern platform development

We pair alongside your team to help you build, manage, and scale a Kubernetes-based platform with the right components for your apps.

Build a platform developers want to use

Use the best tooling for both infrastructure and developer needs, using VMware Tanzu and open source components to build an app platform for your unique business objectives.

  • Design an app platform that considers both apps and infrastructure.
  • Collaboratively install, configure, and integrate the components for a dev-centric, production-ready platform.
  • Enable a dedicated platform team to manage and develop your cloud native platform.
  • Automate platform deployments, patching, upgrades, and operations.

Migrate apps and onboard developers

Speed up platform adoption and success at scale within your organization. Build developer confidence in your platform through enablement and fast feedback loops.

  • Establish a Kubernetes-based path to production for apps.
  • Create a developer on ramp for low-friction, self-service migration.
  • Minimize source code changes.
  • Drive platform features based on common app patterns.
  • Establish processes for continued app migration.
  • Evolve capabilities to meet changing app and developer needs. Learn how to treat your platform like a product.

Evolve your practices to keep pace

Master the skills and tooling needed to run a modern app platform. Then establish practices for sustained cloud native success. Empower a small team to change the production process and the platform itself—and scale future DevSecOps initiatives.

  • Update and patch your platform to achieve vulnerability and legacy budgets, while maintaining availability goals.
  • Respond to incidents and learn through retrospectives.
  • Extend your platform with new features to meet business needs.
  • Enable consistent visibility into platform metrics.
  • Work together to define SLOs for the platform.

Why You Should Treat Platform as a Product

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Our services

Your customers demand a seamless experience, and we can help you provide it. Shorten your product development lifecycle and deliver high-quality software that solves real problems—and learn to do it consistently, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Tanzu Navigator

Turn your Kubernetes goals into a plan of action and a design that can be implemented in production. We’ll research and test your hypotheses around user needs, business goals, and technical feasibility.

Platform Deployment

We’ll help you identify the platforms you want to build and offer to users. We’ll install, configure, integrate, and extend VMware Tanzu or another Kubernetes platform in your environment.

Platform Development

Our Kubernetes architects can help you design, build and scale a production-ready app platform leveraging VMware Tanzu, Kubernetes, commercial and open source building blocks. Provide your developers with an app platform tailored to your portfolio and business objectives.

Platform Management

We offer a fully managed platform service including patching, updates and 24/7 incident response in alignment with your availability objectives. Or we provide hands-on enablement to teach your team how to expertly manage your platform.

Continuous Delivery

Optimize your path to production and improve app lifecycle management in all environments. We’ll help you build or adapt existing CI/CD pipelines, providing you with enhanced security, compliance and consistency through automation.

Modern Platform Governance

Prioritize platform feature delivery while achieving your security and compliance objectives. Together, we’ll internally market your VMware Tanzu or another Kubernetes platform to acquire users and workloads and build a super-user community. Our experts pair with your people to establish and enable your dedicated Platform Team.

Health Check

A 360-degree assessment of your platform health, ensuring that the dedicated people in your Platform Team and the VMware Tanzu technology can provide mission-critical services to your customers. We’ll build a plan for continued refinement, identifying opportunities for improvement of people, process, application/platform design and technology to support you in getting the best results from your platform.

“We engaged with VMware Tanzu Labs to learn how to create a developer experience and not just operate a platform.”

Miranda LeBlanc, Liberty Mutual

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