Continuous cloud cost optimization

Tanzu CloudHealth (formerly VMware Aria Cost Powered by CloudHealth) simplifies financial management, streamlines operations, and improves organizational collaboration across your multi-cloud environment.

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Make sense of your cloud data

Get visibility into a rich set of data for managing your multi-cloud environment. Analyze your infrastructure by dynamic business groups and access custom reporting.

Optimize and control your cloud spend

Improve resource utilization and realize cost savings with tailored recommendations. Drive continuous optimization with governance policies and automated actions that execute changes in your cloud environment.

Enhance your cloud management practice

With more than $24B of annualized cloud spend under management, Tanzu CloudHealth supports 22,000+ organizations worldwide. Grow your cloud expertise with a proven framework to progress through your cloud management maturity journey.

Trusted by 22,000+ customers worldwide

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Key Capabilities

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Align cloud data to your business for greater control over user access. Dynamically allocate assets to business groups. View and analyze your cloud environment to drive accountability for cost and usage.

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Filter and refine out-of-the-box reports to correlate datasets for analysis against business objectives. Create custom dashboards and easily build detailed reports from scratch to perform more granular analysis.

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Configure budgets to visualize expected costs and compare with actual spend. Create as many budgets as you need and proactively alert stakeholders when costs are forecasted to exceed pre-defined budgets.

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Forecasting powered by machine learning considers periodicity, seasonality, infrastructure changes and application lifecycle for accurate projection of cloud costs.

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Create rules to reassign indirect costs by the proportion of direct costs within your prospective groups. Manipulate costs directly in the platform by adding custom line items. Insert one-time or recurring charges or credits and perform enhanced chargeback or showback.

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Quickly identify and terminate unused resources to reduce wasted spend. Set custom thresholds and leverage actionable recommendations for rightsizing IaaS and PaaS services in your multi-cloud environment.

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Take advantage of cloud provider commitment discounts to reduce operational costs. Save time spent manually managing Reservations and Savings Plans with purchasing, optimization and amortization capabilities. Manage discounts throughout their entire lifecycle to maximize savings.

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View unexpected changes in spend by region, account and service. Understand historical trends in behavior to pinpoint the most severe anomalies. Trainable machine learning adjusts to periodic or seasonal workload patterns.

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Get customizable recommendations for rightsizing Kubernetes cluster requests to ensure optimal performance and eliminate wasted spend. Allocate Kubernetes costs and report or chargeback containerized costs at any granularity.

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Drive consistent operations and continuously monitor your environment. Quickly identify opportunities to proactively reduce spend, remediate risks and streamline configuration. Get alerted and enable automated actions when conditions deviate from your desired state.

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Plan a migration from your data center to the public cloud. Understand the total cost of migrating, compare the cost of moving workloads in different regions and availability zones, and optimize reservations to make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Report on carbon emissions, power consumption and carbon intensity per region while considering trade-offs between cost, performance and environmental impact when rightsizing. Automatically start and stop workloads to reduce power consumption.

Integrations and technology alliances

Tanzu CloudHealth partners with the industry's leading solutions to bring you end-to-end visibility across every dimension of your cloud environment.

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