Upcoming Events

  • 06/14

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Brian Sam-Bodden. Before joining Redis Labs, Brian founded and ran Integrallis, a...

  • 06/15

As Luke started his Jedi training, he realized he wasn’t on Tatooine anymore; he was now part of a larger system, the...

  • 06/16

Join us for What’s new in Tanzu? June 2021 Update.

  • 06/17

Join us for Empower your Developers with Kubernetes Governance.

  • 06/21

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Kat Cosgrove, a Developer Advocate at JFrog, and an actual cyborg. Her professional...

  • 06/24

Join us for Get Started Using Distributed Tracing with OpenTelemetry in Tanzu Observability.

  • 06/24

Join us for The Modern Surveillance Approach for the Cloud Era.

  • 06/25

Join us for jLove.

  • 06/28

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Spencer Gibb, a Software Engineer at VMware, where he is the co-founder and lead of...

  • 06/29

Join us for Devopsdays Amsterdam.

  • 07/13

Join us for Booternetes.

  • 07/13

Join us for RabbitMQ Summit.

  • 07/20

Join us for Devopsdays Minneapolis.

  • 07/21

Join us for Application Platforms & A Product Mindset: Accelerating Value For Enterprise IT.

  • 07/21

Join us for Cloud Foundry Summit.

  • 08/30

Please join Nate Schutta and Baruch Sadogursky, (a.k.a JBaruch), the Head of DevOps Advocacy and a Developer Advocate at...

  • 09/01 - 09/02

The premier conference for developers, DevOps pros, and app leaders

  • 09/13

Join us for Monitorama.

  • 09/21

Join us for Devopsdays Houston.

  • 09/27

Join us for Devopsdays Boston.

  • 09/29

Join us for Devoxx France.

  • 10/05 - 10/07

VMworld captures the momentum of today’s rapidly changing IT environment and puts it within your grasp so you can...

  • 10/12

Join us for KubeCon North America.

  • 11/01

Join us for Devoxx UK.

  • 11/02

Join us for Reactive Summit.