Upcoming Events

  • 08/22
Between Chair and Keyboard: The one with Rustam Mehmandarov thumbnail

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Rustam Mehmandarov! Rustam, Chief Engineer @ Computas, is a passionate computer...

  • 08/25
AWS Summit Chicago thumbnail

Join us for AWS Summit Chicago.

  • 08/25
Enlightning: What is Tekton? thumbnail

Tekton is a powerful and flexible open-source framework for creating CI/CD systems, allowing developers to build, test,...

  • 09/08
Enlightning: Delivering Your Platform Your Way Using Kratix thumbnail

Your organization wants to ship valuable products faster. You either have or are considering an internal platform to...

  • 09/16
RabbitMQ Summit thumbnail

Join us for RabbitMQ Summit.

  • 09/21
AWS Summit Mexico City thumbnail

Join us for AWS Summit Mexico City.

  • 09/21
DevOpsDays Chicago thumbnail

Join us for DevOpsDays Chicago.

  • 09/22
Enlightning: What the Flux?! GitOps at Your Fingertips thumbnail

GitOps with Flux brings you security, reliability, velocity and more - no more pagers on Saturdays! No more breaches to...

  • 10/04
AWS Summit Bogotá thumbnail

Join us for AWS Summit Bogotá.

  • 10/13
Mind the Product thumbnail

Join us for Mind the Product.

  • 12/06
SpringOne thumbnail

Join us for SpringOne.