Upcoming Events

  • 08/02

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Jasmine Greenaway. Jasmine is a New York City based developer and Senior Cloud...

  • 08/03

Join us for GitLab Commit.

  • 08/03

Software development has changed dramatically in recent years; no longer can you afford to say, “That’s how we’ve always...

  • 08/05

Join us for Defining and Delivering DevSecOps Across Your IT Organization.

  • 08/06

Career Perspectives from Career Growth: From Sales to Solution Selling the path we choose.

  • 08/09

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Neha Sardana, a Software Developer/Architect for Java based applications for over a...

  • 08/16

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Ryan Baxter. Exploring new languages, frameworks, and technologies, and then sharing...

  • 08/19

Join us for Data Management for VMware Tanzu: SQL Made Simple for vSphere.

  • 08/24

Join us for How Data Management for VMware Tanzu Makes Data Simple in vSphere.

  • 08/25

Join us for The Intersection Between Your Apps & Cloud Strategy.

  • 08/30

Please join Nate Schutta and Baruch Sadogursky, (a.k.a JBaruch), the Head of DevOps Advocacy and a Developer Advocate at...

  • 09/01 - 09/02

The premier conference for developers, DevOps pros, and app leaders

  • 09/13

Join us for Monitorama.

  • 09/21

Join us for Devopsdays Houston.

  • 09/27

Join us for Devopsdays Boston.

  • 09/28

Join us for Accelerating Innovation with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

  • 09/29

Join us for Devoxx France.

  • 10/04

Bringing together the people who make DevOps work

  • 10/05 - 10/07

600+ sessions, 8 learning tracks, hands-on labs, access to experts and more.

  • 10/05

Join us for DevOps Enterprise Summit.

  • 10/12

Join us for KubeCon North America.

  • 11/01

Join us for Devoxx UK.

  • 11/02

Join us for Reactive Summit.

  • 11/09

Join us for Application Platform Economics: Let's Look at ROI.