Innovate and quickly grow your business on any
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VMware Tanzu is a modular, cloud native application platform that enables vital DevSecOps outcomes in a multi-cloud world.

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Turbocharge developer productivity and innovation

Onboard developers fast and free them to spend more time solving real business problems and delivering new customer value.

VMware Tanzu provides a streamlined, self-service developer experience for any Kubernetes that fits a development team’s preferred practices and workflows while automating the toil of infrastructure, packaging, and security.

You also can engage with VMware Tanzu Labs consulting services to build custom cloud native apps and modernize critical legacy applications—enabling teams to learn cloud native practices and skills along the way.

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Move fast and secure modern software delivery

Get modern apps to production fast with confidence and adapt quickly to changing business, customer, and security requirements.

VMware Tanzu enables automated software delivery across apps and teams while amping up your security posture with built-in security and compliance guardrails starting at source code. And work with Tanzu Labs’ experts to improve the speed and security of your app delivery value stream—from development to production—for a real DevSecOps approach.

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Drive efficient, scalable cloud native operations

Run your apps reliably and at scale on any and many clouds with centralized governance, networking, security, and observability for Kubernetes everywhere. Manage all Kubernetes as one for maximum efficiency and security while optimizing application availability and performance for your customers.

And with Tanzu Labs, you can learn to run your cloud native platform like a high-quality, evolving product that can operate Kubernetes and apps at scale plus optimally serve developers.
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Use Cases

Modernize existing, business-critical applications

Unlock the value of your existing apps to move your business forward. Replatform and rearchitect software to continuously deliver and keep it resilient running in cloud environments, and operate it all with a cloud native app platform built for your organization.

Streamline the developer experience for any Kubernetes

Developers create customer value by coding, not spending time on packaging, security, or learning Kubernetes. The VMware Tanzu DevX makes it easy to build and deploy software quickly and securely on any compliant public cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster.

Enable a modern DevSecOps practice

Work across development, security, and operations to build an automated software supply chain so teams can quickly deliver secure, high-quality software. Continuously and securely build, deploy, and run containerized workloads on any cloud.

Centrally manage, secure, and monitor your Kubernetes estate

More likely than not, your enterprise is living in today’s multi-cloud reality—and so is your Kubernetes infrastructure. Empower platform operations teams to centrally provision, manage, connect, secure, and observe Kubernetes everywhere.

Enrich your public cloud strategy and reduce risk of vendor lock-in

Moving to the public cloud often means multiple clouds—on-premises, public cloud, and edge. VMware Tanzu abstracts apps from infrastructure, offering a consistent developer experience on any Kubernetes, plus the ability to operate all Kubernetes to maximize efficiency and security.

Operate reliable, performant cloud native apps

Traditional IT processes simply can’t keep up with the frequency and scale of cloud native apps. Embrace cloud native app operation, ensuring your apps meet the requirements of availability and performance while eliminating issues that affect your customers.

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