The Promise of Data

Tanzu Data Solutions is a family of data-driven solutions built to store, process and query critical data resources in real-time and at massive scale, both on-premises and in the multi-cloud world. Maximize the value of all your data assets with Tanzu Data Solutions.

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Why do companies like yours use Tanzu Data Solutions?

Advanced capabilities from transactions to AI

Tanzu Data Solutions supports a wide range of technologies, providing a breadth of capabilities from messaging, routing, relational queries and transaction processing to caching and data warehousing.

Data services
your way

Deployment options include the public cloud, Kubernetes, bare metal or any VMware platform. Let the automation of the platform scale your operations team.

Reliable data services
at any scale

From gigabytes to petabytes, we have data management solutions that meet your use cases. Whether you have billions of messages, trillions of data points, or are just getting started, Tanzu Data Solutions can manage it.

Data warehouse

VMware Tanzu Greenplum

Common challenge

“We have massive data sets that are painful to move around, and our existing warehouse can’t do BI, analytics, ML and AI.”

How we can help

BI, AI, SQL reporting, machine learning, deep learning, graph, text and statistical methods are all available in one scale-out MPP data warehouse. Available on bare metal, VMs or the cloud.

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In-memory data grid

VMware Tanzu GemFire

Common challenge

“Customer engagement is declining because our apps are unresponsive.”

How we can help

Fast, consistent data for web-scaling concurrent requests fulfills the promise of highly responsive applications with ultimate data availability and transactions. Available on VMs, Kubernetes, the cloud or VMware Tanzu Platform.

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Messaging and Streaming

VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ

Common challenge

“We’re moving to distributed architectures, and we struggle to connect components.”

How we can help

A fast, dependable enterprise message broker provides reliable communication among servers, apps and devices. A single platform for messaging and streaming simplifies operations. Available on VMs, Kubernetes, the cloud or Tanzu Platform.

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Relational database

VMware Tanzu for Postgres

Common challenge

“Our developers prefer PostgreSQL, but we need enterprise solutions with security, deployment automation, management and monitoring.”

How we can help

A comprehensive set of PostgreSQL solutions provides a complete offering for enterprise deployment of Postgres. Available on VMs, Kubernetes, the cloud or Tanzu Platform.

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VMware Tanzu for MySQL

Common challenge

“MySQL is our go-to relational database, but it takes 6–8 months to provision.”

How we can help

Benefit from a database-as-a-service model running on Kubernetes or on Tanzu Platform.

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VMware Tanzu for Valkey

Common challenge

“Our applications demand real-time processing and manage a multitude of user interactions.”

How we can help

Our Valkey service enables fast data writes and reads, substantially enhancing application performance.

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Key Features

Distributed deployment

Deploy as clusters for high availability and throughput, and federate across Multiple Geolocations (Multi-Site) and multiple availability zones and regions. Achieve active-active and active-passive deployment topologies.

Elastic scale-out

Easily scale out to meet the most demanding peaks in usage. Scale back down again gracefully when the peaks are behind you.


Our solutions give applications their own object data store at in-memory speed that can serve thousands or even millions of concurrent requests, while maintaining data consistency.

Security that’s built in, not bolted on

Tanzu Data Solutions enables authentication and authorization using OAuth2. Data in transit is encrypted via TLS. Passwords, certificates and other secrets are also encrypted.

Multi-cloud and multi-platform

Support for Tanzu Platform, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware vSphere, public cloud and bare metal.

Fault tolerance

Partial failure in a distributed system is a fact of life. Tanzu Data Solutions provides methods for fault tolerance, failover, and backup and restore to help prevent loss and promote availability.

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