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Your challenge is to speed up the pace of innovation while reducing cost and lowering risk. There’s a proven way to do this: Adopt modern software development methodologies and more efficient cloud computing models.

VMware is your partner for application modernization. We help you instill processes that enable your team to deliver software rapidly and securely. And we help you embrace new cloud native technologies like Kubernetes by embedding them in familiar tools your team already use to manage workloads. We take a pragmatic approach to transformation and consistently deliver business outcomes.

Working with VMware Tanzu will enable your organization to deliver lasting change and grow through highly differentiated digital experiences.

We’ve used this approach with hundreds of organizations like yours. It’s common for VMware Tanzu customers to achieve results like this:

400%faster release velocity

83%fewer incidents

80%faster security patching

60%reduction in infrastructure costs

We’ve seen a massive increase in our business. Our year-over-year revenue growth is very significant, in the double digits, thanks to this new platform.”

Thomas Fredell, Merrill Corporation

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