Developer Advocates

VMware Tanzu Developer Advocates are respected experts in the IT community. They speak frequently, create relevant content, and offer feedback to our customers and the community on the topics of developers, operators, open source and digital transformation.

We are many things, among them:

  • Experts in our field (DevSecOps, Spring, domain driven development, test driven development, Kubernetes, architecture, microservices, containers, Java, digital transformation, software supply chains, cloud native data and VMware Tanzu)
  • Dedicated open source maintainers and contributors
  • Respected inside and outside of Broadcom
  • Experienced conference keynote speakers and presenters
  • Kind of a big deal (just ask us), popular on social media and the tech scene in general
  • Published authors (books, blogs, podcasts)
  • Perfect guests to round out your webinar, fireside chat, or round table
  • Not salespeople

We can do a whole range of things, including:

  • Conduct deep-dive, technical workshops for devs, ops, product managers, testers, security and everyone inbetween
  • Lead or support executive briefings, meetings, executive dinners and more
  • Explain VMware Tanzu and provide related use case stories
  • Provide input on vision, campaigns and content
  • Participate in casual conversational meetings, such as over lunch or dinner
  • Host or speak at meetups (CF, CN, Spring, JUG, DevOps, management/executives)
  • Provide a conduit for you to have an impact on VMware Tanzu products
  • Help you tell a story across many mediums

And we can do all of this virtually or in person, whether it be about VMware Tanzu or open source. Interested? Please email Tasha Isenberg with your event date, location, topic and type of interaction (e.g. workshop, exec briefing, internal customer event).

Our Advocates

Developer advocate headshot

Cora Iberkleid

New York, NY

Expertise: Spring, Kubernetes, Architecture, Microservices

Cora Iberkleid is a Developer Advocate for modern applications, helping developers and enterprises navigate modern practices and technologies, focusing on cloud native architecture, modern CI/CD, Spring and Kubernetes. Prior to joining VMware, Cora was an Advisory Solutions Engineer at Pivotal. She also spent nearly a decade at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, helping customers design and build enterprise integration applications. Through this experience, she developed an understanding and an empathy for complex organizational challenges, and she strives to incorporate this empathy into her everyday work.

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Dan Vega

Cleveland, OH USA

Expertise: Spring, Java, GraphQL, Cloud, Microservices, Serverless, Full Stack

Dan Vega is a Spring Developer Advocate. He has been developing software for the web for over 20 years and his superpower is problem-solving. Dan is a blogger, YouTuber, course creator and speaker. He is a lifelong learner and his passion is sharing his knowledge with the developer community. Dan lives near Cleveland with his beautiful wife and 2 daughters. When he isn’t writing code or teaching, he enjoys spending time with his family, lifting weights, running, or reading a good book.

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DaShaun Carter

Kansas City, MO USA

Expertise: Spring, Kubernetes, Azure, Redis, Terraform

DaShaun is a husband, father of four, volunteer, struggling athlete and Spring Developer Advocate. Deliberately practicing to build, manage and run better software, faster.

Developer advocate headshot

Josh Long

San Francisco, CA

Expertise: Spring, Microservices, Kubernetes, CloudFoundry, EAI, Cloud Computing, YAML, Spring, Java, Architecture, Cloud, Full Stack

Josh (@starbuxman) became the first Spring Developer Advocate in 2010 and hasn’t looked back! He contributes (bugs, mostly..) to numerous open source projects, including Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

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Michael Coté

Austin, TX

Expertise: Digital Transformation, DevOps

Michael Coté studies how large organizations get better at building software to run better and grow their business. His books Changing Mindsets, Monolithic Transformation, and The Business Bottleneck cover these topics. He’s been an industry analyst at RedMonk and 451 Research, done corporate strategy and M&A, and was a programmer. He also co-hosts several podcasts, including Software Defined Talk.

Developer advocate headshot

Whitney Lee

Austin, TX

Expertise: Kubernetes, CNCF Ecosystem

Whitney is a lovable goofball who enjoys understanding and using tools in the cloud native landscape. Creative and driven, Whitney recently pivoted from an art-related career to one in tech. She is a CNCF Ambassador and is active in the open source community. You can catch her lightboard streaming show ⚡️ Enlightning on Tanzu.TV. And not only does she rock at tech—she literally has toured playing in the band Mutual Benefit on keyboards and vocals.