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Use your favorite dev tools to build the software your customers want—and get it into production quickly.

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Get your ideas in the hands of users right away. VMware Tanzu offers the tools and products you need to become a high-velocity engineering team and push your code to production faster. Eliminate manual steps and toil—and automate your IT workflows.

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Deploy and run Spring Boot apps.

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Accelerate microservices adoption with proven patterns for Java and .NET.

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Get instant access to development environments via self-service.

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Extend your apps with scores of backing services powered by popular open source projects.

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Inherit powerful security controls from the platform and focus on your code.

Of course, it’s not enough to release code quickly—you need to build the right thing for your users. VMware can help with that, too. Our world-class team of agile developers, product managers, and designers works alongside you to build and deploy software differently than you ever have before. In the process, you’ll become empowered to do this work self-sufficiently in the future.

...There’s a lot of abstracting away of the messy details that engineers don’t care about. It’s simple for me to deploy and get my software running.”

Justin Robison, Liberty Mutual

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We love helping people solve tough problems. Speak with a VMware Tanzu Labs engineer, designer or product manager during a free, confidential consultation.

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