Messaging and streaming for modern applications on premises and across clouds

Modernize and scale your applications with self-service, highly automated messaging and streaming for the enterprise. Available for any Kubernetes and for virtual machines.

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Tanzu RabbitMQ from trusted experts

Self-service clusters for developers that reflect VMware RabbitMQ experts' best practices for enterprise deployment on premises or clouds.

Automated business continuity and resilience

Tanzu RabbitMQ provides highly available queues and streams in the datacenter and automated cross-datacenter replication and failover.

Observability keeps messages flowing

Built-in observability and proactive alerting helps you find and resolve issues faster than ever, helping you keep your business running.

Why Tanzu RabbitMQ?

Messaging and streaming software serves as the central nervous system integrating distributed applications and services. Tanzu RabbitMQ makes it easy to architect resilient, loosely coupled systems. Application developers can connect systems using a variety of protocols and formats, without having to worry about interoperability, reliability, or scalability.

Based on open source RabbitMQ, Tanzu RabbitMQ provides additional levels of automation for Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 operations, allowing you and your application teams to focus on delivering value to customers.

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Asynchronous communications

Messaging and streaming in a single message broker. Use multiple messaging protocols, message queuing, delivery acknowledgement, flexible routing to queues, and multiple exchange type.

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Developer self service

Automate provisioning and upgrades and manage messaging and streaming topologies even across datacenters.

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Automated resilience

Deploy replicated clusters for high availability and throughput, and automatically federate messages across multiple availability zones, regions, and datacenters.

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Enterprise and cloud ready

Easy to deploy and manage on clouds and on premises. Integrates with enterprise identity management and security tools and standards such as LDAP, OAuth2, mTLS, and more.

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Tools and plugins

Use a diverse array of tools and plugins supporting continuous integration, operational metrics, and integration to other enterprise systems, along with a flexible plug-in approach for extending RabbitMQ functionality.

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Management and monitoring

Observe and optimize Tanzu RabbitMQ clusters and messaging topologies with predefined metrics and dashboards. Be proactive with cluster and queue or stream level alerts.

Calculate your monthly public cloud bandwidth savings

Tanzu RabbitMQ reduces your public cloud bandwidth bill when multi-node clusters are deployed across availability zones.

Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services

When a multi-node RabbitMQ cluster runs across multiple availability zones, all data transferred between nodes is charged at $0.01/GB. Google Cloud charges for outgoing traffic only. Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure charge for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

This is based on 1 Quorum Queue with 5 Producers and 5 Consumers, each with its own dedicated Connection and Channel. We use the c2-standard-8 GCP instance type, with 4 vCPUs & 10GB RAM dedicated to each RabbitMQ node. Each node has a 500GB SSD disk with max 15k read & write IOPS, and 240MB/s read & write throughput. Disk write throughput is the limiting factor, and the sliders on the left re-adjust to reflect this.

Streams for RabbitMQ and Tanzu RabbitMQ

What if you could get resilient and flexible messaging and streaming for modern applications, without running multiple messaging systems?

Streams is a new feature of both the open source RabbitMQ (version 3.9 and later) and commercial Tanzu RabbitMQ editions. It delivers some of the benefits of log structures, like fast data transfer and the ability to replay and reprocess messages, combined with the best Tanzu RabbitMQ features like flexible routing and command and response, all with a high degree of data safety.

Unlike traditional queues, Streams are persistent data structures that are designed to store large amounts of data with minimal in-memory overhead. Stream queues can be used with traditional AMQP 0.9.1 clients, but when used with a new, blazing fast binary protocol (the Streams protocol) developers can achieve message publishing rates orders of magnitude faster than AMQP.

For application developers connecting a variety of distributed applications and services

Messaging and streaming your way with Tanzu RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ Support

Get an annual subscription to VMware Tanzu 24x7 support.

Tanzu RabbitMQ support is available as an annual subscription with per-core pricing.

Includes binaries for VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ and support services for VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ, Tanzu RabbitMQ for Kubernetes, and open source RabbitMQ.

Tanzu Application Service

Provision clusters on demand with availability and management built in.

Tanzu RabbitMQ enables app developers to provision and use the RabbitMQ message broker with a single command. Use it either as an on-demand service, with an isolated, dedicated VM that serves a single service instance, or as a multi-tenant pre-provisioned service shared by apps across your deployment.

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For Kubernetes

Build a RabbitMQ service for developers.

Tanzu RabbitMQ is now available with a custom Kubernetes cluster operator that makes the widely popular messaging broker easy for developers to access, and consistent for platform operators to manage, with any certified Kubernetes runtime. Tanzu RabbitMQ on Kubernetes is stable, predictable, and requires a minimum of configuration.

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For Virtual Machines

Tanzu RabbitMQ can also be deployed on any VM using a compatible container runtime. Get security-scanned dependencies, automated inter-node compression, and replicated schema and messages between deployments.

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