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Digital transformation from developer to cloud

Your business relies on continuously delivering and optimizing modern software—while providing the best customer experiences and competitive advantage—on any cloud and at the edge. That includes new cloud native applications along with existing apps modernized for cloud environments. It can be complex.

VMware Tanzu reduces that complexity. It’s a modular, cloud native application platform that makes it easier to build, deliver, and operate cloud native apps in a multi-cloud world—enabling innovation to happen on your terms.

With VMware Tanzu, you can empower your developers to be their most productive and inventive. Streamline and secure the path to production for continuous value delivery. And operate highly available and performant apps that make your customers happy and your business thrive.

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Increase developer velocity and innovation

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Speed and secure software delivery

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Drive efficient, scalable cloud native operations

82%increase in software to production


300+ releases pushed per day

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Six reasons our customers chose VMware Tanzu


Modular, flexible cloud native application platform

VMware Tanzu is a modular cloud native application platform that can be relevant to you wherever you are on your modern app journey. It helps you to make sense of the vast cloud native landscape—with templates, best practices, and integrated tooling—and provides flexibility to incorporate solutions you already have in place.


Consistent developer experience

VMware Tanzu is focused on enabling developers to be more productive, delivering more value into the hands of their customers all the time. It offers a streamlined, self-service developer experience for any Kubernetes that fits a development team’s preferred practices and workflows, all while automating the toil of infrastructure, packaging, and security.


Built-in security, end to end

VMware Tanzu is a key platform for executing a DevSecOps approach to application delivery. It improves your security posture by securing the contents of container images, their path to production, and how containers interact in production across clusters and clouds. You also can work with VMware Tanzu Labs experts to enhance the speed and security of your app delivery value stream—from development to production—enabling a true DevSecOps approach for your organization.


Cloud neutrality: Any public cloud, private cloud, and multi-cloud

VMware Tanzu helps organizations standardize their cloud native operations and abstract away the complexity of deploying to cloud infrastructure with templates, automation, and role-based UIs. It offers a centralized, automated, and secure operating model for modern apps and Kubernetes on private and public clouds, including a consistent, productive developer experience for any Kubernetes. The VMware Tanzu model enables organizations to choose the best landing zones for their apps and get more value from their public cloud strategies.


Trusted partner for modern apps and Kubernetes

VMware’s been with you in the software-defined data center for over a quarter of a century. VMware Tanzu extends our partnership from your infrastructure to your apps, bringing together decades of experience in cloud native development, open source software, and agile transformation. We teach your development teams to fundamentally change the way they build software, and help your operations teams learn modern platform engineering skills. VMware Tanzu is your fast path to build and modernize apps and run them with any Kubernetes on any cloud.


Open source leadership and enablement

Open source software is a key component of any modernization strategy. We’re an active leader and consistently in the top three of contributors to the Kubernetes open source project, as well as numerous other cloud native projects that bring innovation to modern apps, including Carvel, Knative, Harbor, and Spring. VMware Tanzu enables your organization to leverage open source software more efficiently while improving your security posture.

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