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We have years of experience working with Spring Framework®, Spring Boot®, and Apache Tomcat®.

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Simple and fair pricing

VMware Spring Runtime makes OpenJDK™ support easy. Annual subscriptions are available per pod and per core.

Why VMware Spring Runtime

Support for the most important projects in one place

Get peace of mind with expert support for OpenJDK, Spring, and Tomcat.

Strong commitment to OpenJDK

VMware Tanzu is a Platinum sponsor of AdoptOpenJDK.

Move on from unpredictable licensing

OpenJDK support in VMware Spring Runtime is easy to understand.

Ready to scale

No matter how many JVMs you have, VMware Spring Runtime can scale to support your organization.

Supported on Linux and Windows server environments

We support you where you need it most: on your Linux® and Windows® servers.

Included with TAS

Already using VMware Tanzu Application Service®? Then you’re already entitled to all the benefits of VMware Spring Runtime.


VMware Spring Runtime is available as an annual subscription priced per-pod and per-core.

50 pods

$25,000 / 50 pods / year

8 cores

$4,000 / 8 cores / year

What’s Included

Application Binaries for:

VMware Tanzu Distribution of OpenJDK

VMware tc Server


Support services for:

VMware Tanzu Distribution of OpenJDK

VMware tc Server

OSS Apache Tomcat

VMware Spring Runtime also comes with support services for these Spring projects

  • AspectJ
  • Micrometer
  • Reactor
  • Spring AMQP
  • Spring Batch
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud Commons
  • Spring Cloud Config
  • Spring Cloud Netflix
  • Spring Cloud Bus
  • Spring Cloud Cloud Foundry
  • Spring Cloud Open Service Broker
  • Spring Cloud Consul
  • Spring Cloud Security
  • Spring Cloud Sleuth
  • Spring Cloud Zookeeper
  • Spring Cloud Kubernetes
  • Spring Cloud CLI
  • Spring Cloud OpenFeign
  • Spring Cloud Gateway
  • Spring Cloud Function
  • Spring Cloud Contract
  • Spring Cloud Task
  • Spring Cloud Stream
  • Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Apache Kafka®
  • Spring Cloud Stream Binder for RabbitMQ
  • Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Kafka Streams
  • Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis
  • Spring Cloud Vault
  • Spring CredHub
  • Spring Data for Apache Cassandra™
  • Spring Data Commons
  • Spring Data KeyValue
  • Spring Data LDAP
  • Spring Data JDBC
  • Spring Data JPA
  • Spring Data MongoDB
  • Spring Data GemFire
  • Spring Data for Apache Geode™
  • Spring Data Redis
  • Spring Data REST
  • Spring Data Solr
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring HATEOAS
  • Spring Integration (Core modules + Kafka + AWS)
  • Spring for Apache Kafka®
  • Spring LDAP
  • Spring Kerberos
  • Spring REST Docs
  • Spring Retry
  • Spring Statemachine
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Security OAuth
  • Spring Security SAML
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow
  • Spring Session
  • Spring Session for MongoDB
  • Spring Session for GemFire/Apache Geode™
  • Spring Tool Suite
  • Spring Tools 4
  • Spring Vault
  • Spring Cloud Skipper
  • Spring Shell
  • Spring Cloud Stream/Task App Starters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is VMware Spring Runtime better value than paying for just OpenJDK support?

A: Yes, because the VMware Tanzu bundle includes not just OpenJDK support, but also Spring and Tomcat support.

Q: What is the SLO for VMware Spring Runtime?

A: Refer to Tanzu Support Services Offerings. Support is included for development and production environments.

Q: What is the VMware Tanzu Distribution of OpenJDK supported on?

A: We support Linux and Windows server environments. Whether you have apps running in bare metal, VMs, containers, or Kubernetes®, VMware Spring Runtime has you covered.

Q: What is VMware tc Server supported on?

A: We support Windows/Mac/Linux environments.

Q: Does the VMware Tanzu Distribution of OpenJDK support mobile, desktop, ARM, or embedded platforms?

A: No; it only supports Linux and Windows server environments at this time.

Q: Where do I download the VMware Tanzu Distribution of OpenJDK and VMware tc Server?

A: Both are available on Network.

Q: Can I buy VMware Spring Runtime without buying any other VMware Tanzu products or subscriptions?

A: Yes, VMware Spring Runtime is for any enterprise!

Q: Does VMware Spring Runtime include RabbitMQ support?

A: No, but you can learn more about RabbitMQ support here.

Supporting Java, Spring, and OpenJDK in the Enterprise: What You Need to Know

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