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Application modernization

Fuel innovation through app modernization

The combination of cloud computing, Kubernetes, microservices, and APIs has fundamentally altered how we build, run, and manage new apps. Take advantage of these advances by modernizing your existing apps to stay ahead in a digital-first world.

With VMware Tanzu, you can evolve your business-critical systems and application portfolios to take advantage of modern application platforms and make impactful architectural improvements. We’ll help you start small and scale fast so you can rapidly innovate and deliver great customer experiences.

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Accelerate business value

Jumpstart modernization in weeks. Refactor your apps to take advantage of flexible architectures, optimize your path to production, and consistently deliver business innovation.

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Improve security posture

Identify opportunities to improve your security posture and reduce risk. Adopt automation and DevSecOps practices that keep security top of mind across your entire app portfolio.

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Automate and scale

Find new efficiencies in your application development. Create reusable patterns and practices, retool delivery pipelines, and leverage microservice-based architecture to scale as needed.

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Deliver meaningful ROI

Eliminate the costs associated with maintaining legacy apps and the accumulation of technical debt. Leverage cost-effective solutions that help you modernize where it counts most.

How VMware Tanzu can help

Employ proven methods built around The “5 Rs” of Modernization to help define and accelerate your modernization initiative and realize the benefits of modern apps across your portfolio.

Assess your portfolio and identify opportunities

With VMware’s Rapid Portfolio Modernization, uncover the optimal strategy for your portfolio with a service engagement that leverages intelligent tooling and techniques. Identify the best path forward to quickly deliver value, mitigate risk, and determine which apps to replatform, refactor, rehost, or retain/retire.

Automate and scale app delivery with containers

Jumpstart your modernization efforts and begin implementing your Kubernetes strategy. We’ll help you rapidly replatform your portfolio of apps to run on Kubernetes, retool delivery pipelines for a Kubernetes runtime, and document modernization “recipes” and reusable code. This approach will help you scale your move to cloud and streamline your path to production.

Take advantage of cloud native architecture

Leverage VMware Tanzu Labs application modernization services to refactor complex monolithic systems using APIs and microservices. Using our Swift methodology, we help you modernize critical business systems faster than you thought possible without disruptions. Boost developer velocity and empower your organization to rapidly deliver on customer needs.

Deliver a cloud native app platform

Deploy, integrate, and scale a Kubernetes-based app platform for your apps. Tanzu Labs helps you install, configure, and integrate your platform to run your modern apps. We enable platform teams to deliver a great developer experience on Kubernetes, at scale, on any cloud.

Develop modern teams and practices

Throughout your modernization journey, we’ll work alongside your team and transfer the skills you need to modernize and deliver cloud native apps securely and consistently. We’ll help you adopt modern development methodologies and practices such as test-driven development, CI/CD, DevSecOps practices, and more.

“[VMware] is unique in its approach to modernizing and building cloud native enterprise apps…Since working with [VMware], we can move apps to higher environments faster.”

Lenny Jaramillo, Lead Architect, Northern Trust

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