Modernize apps

Move your apps to the cloud in weeks

Migrating your existing apps can be daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help you develop a tailored app modernization strategy that delivers production outcomes. Improve agility while reducing cost and tech debt with our proven tools and techniques.


Increased software releases from 1x per year to 1x per week

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Achieve breakthrough speed, resiliency, and savings

Go beyond tactical solutions to create a proven and lasting strategy for your application migration. VMware Tanzu Labs teaches you how to modernize your most business-critical apps first and rapidly make impactful architectural improvements. We’ll help you start small, and scale fast.

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DICK’S Sporting Goods: What is the Future of Retail in a Cloud App World?

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Effective techniques and powerful tools that accelerate your transformation initiative

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Modernize decades of complex legacy systems in weeks, not months

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Automate the path to production for quicker release cycles

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Deliver apps to production atop Kubernetes

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Improve your security posture with zero‑downtime patching

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Sunset legacy licensing costs and align IT budget with innovation

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Establish patterns for subsequent migrations

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Put your apps on the right track

Break down unruly monoliths. Migrate apps to the cloud. Analyze your app portfolio. We’ll help you develop and execute a modernization strategy that delivers results quickly. You’ll have a sustainable roadmap for application modernization, aligned with new delivery practices that result in lasting improvement and meaningful outcomes.


Start small

During a Rapid Portfolio Modernization engagement, we’ll get to work using targeted technical spikes and business analysis of your portfolio to determine an ideal set of apps with low technical risk and high business value to start modernizing, depending on your target infrastructure and business objectives.

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Learn sustainable practices

As we rehost, replatform or refactor apps and deploy to production, you’ll have a cookbook of patterns and practices tailored to your portfolio to streamline and accelerate future modernization work.

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Break down big apps

Transition monolithic systems into microservices that can boost feature velocity across your development organization. Jumpstart a system modernization initiative in an iterative fashion, using our unique approach called the Swift Method. Swift helps you determine how your system wants to behave so you can design a notional architecture and begin modernizing complex systems in a matter of weeks.

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Automate everything

Identify waste in your development workflow and replace manual processes with automation to streamline the path to production and improve outcomes. We’ll help you implement the tools and practices you need to deliver quality code consistently.

Read about why path-to-production analysis is a must for software development teams and how to build a secure software supply chain.

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“VMware Tanzu Labs is unique in their approach to modernizing and building cloud native enterprise apps.”
Lenny Jaramillo

Lenny Jaramillo, Northern Trust

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