Pivotal HD Adds Apache Hadoop Components, Cozies Up To ODP

May 11, 2015 Sai Devulapalli

sfeatured-phdLess than 90 days after helping establish and joining the Open Data Platform initiative, Pivotal has announced the availability of Pivotal HD 3.0, now aligned with the standardized Open Data Platform (ODP) core consisting of Apache Hadoop® and Apache Ambari. The commercial delivery of ODP core based distributions across multiple industry leading vendors immediately after the launch of the initiative demonstrates the momentum behind ODP to accelerate the delivery of compatible Hadoop distributions and the simplification it brings to the ecosystem using that as an industry standard.

About The Open Data Platform Initiative

In February 2015, fifteen industry leaders in the big data space announced their plans to create a new industry initiative called Open Data Platform (“ODP”), to promote open source-based big data technology standards for enterprises building data-driven applications. The intention was to jointly develop and promote a common, industry-standardized core of Apache Hadoop® components, called the ODP core. With a standardized approach to choosing the Apache Hadoop® components to support, the ODP is simplifying the process of development, testing and certification for the ecosystem, fostering a strong Hadoop-based commercial ecosystem that balances upstream community innovation with downstream enterprise-ready technology.

The governance model for the ODP is already having an impact and making substantial progress. Members of the ODP and leading Hadoop vendors, IBM, Hortonworks, and Pivotal, have all announced generally available Apache Hadoop® distributions based on the resulting ODP core including standard versions of four key components—HDFS, Ambari, YARN, and MapReduce.

What’s New In Pivotal HD 3.0 ?

Pivotal HD 3.0 greatly expands its support for core Apache Hadoop® components that streamline management, security, monitoring and data processing in the Hadoop cluster have been added to this release.

Upgraded versions of HDFS, Yarn and Apache Ambari come with the ODP Core. In addition, Pivotal HD 3.0 updated the versions of other existing Hadoop components for scripting and query (Pig and Hive), non-relational database (HBase), along with basic coordination and workflow orchestration (Zookeeper and Oozie).

Pivotal HD 3.0 also added Hadoop components for improved security (Ranger, Knox), monitoring (Nagios, Ganglia) and data processing (Tez, Spark) that have matured with respect to. enterprise-grade stability.

In a nutshell, the significantly upgraded Pivotal HD 3.0 provides better stability and updated enterprise-grade capabilities and provides a strong foundation for data management in the Pivotal Big Data Suite.

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