SpringOne 2021 Preview: Best Practices and Lessons Learned for the Human Side of Transformation

August 26, 2021 Danielle Burrow

What do companies that generate the most value from their app and cloud transformations have in common? They invest in skill development and drive culture change. In fact, some experts assert that adopting cutting-edge technologies without evolving culture and practices actually results in higher costs and greater challenges...not to mention team burnout. 

Most IT leaders are sold on the benefits of modern operating models and practices. And many are also experiencing firsthand how complex it can be to overhaul processes and rally teams (or an entire enterprise) around behavior change. This stuff gets messy! That’s why there is an entire track dedicated to agile leadership topics at the SpringOne conference that features real-life case studies, lessons learned, and advice from folks who’ve been there before. Read on to see a list of sessions I've highlighted from a rich lineup of breakouts in this track.

If you’re focused on app modernization, come hear BT’s perspective on how to get started and stay aligned on app modernization and hybrid cloud strategies, and check out how Albertsons approached the migration of its on-prem retail systems to cloud. On the topic of digital transformation, hear about the twists, turns, and compromises Voya navigated on the road to achieving improved software development outcomes. 

Looking to dig into some of the practices used by high-performing software teams? Hear how Audi leverages outcomes-oriented roadmaps and the reasons why every software team should have a designer. Learn how the U.S. Space Force uses portfolio management to bridge agile’s iterative approach and waterfall’s rigor in planning. If you’re already involved in an agile development effort and looking to optimize and scale, pick up some valuable how-tos and learn about pitfalls to avoid when scaling agile in the enterprise, as well as which team operation metrics you should measure to forecast and optimize your software organization. 

Perhaps your work involves building or maintaining a production-grade app platform? Discover how Gap prepares for holiday traffic, how Ford optimizes platform usage, how Manulife unlocked platform reliability, Daimler’s community approach to monitoring, and how the Federal Aviation Administration built a rock-solid platform. Are you charged with driving platform adoption and onboarding? Discover how Scientific Research Corporation is driving outcomes with an infrastructure-as-a-product approach. 

Register now for SpringOne on September 1–2, 2021. The conference is all online, all free, and all about improving the developer experience. 

If you’re looking for more resources on scaling programs of work, building great digital products, culture change, and digital transformation, check out:

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Danielle Burrow

Danielle Burrow leads product marketing for VMware Tanzu Labs, the software consulting services branch of VMware Tanzu. Prior to VMware, Danielle worked in product marketing at Pivotal Software and in sales and digital marketing at Google. Danielle also has a background in the non-profit and healthcare sectors. Danielle has a BA in Art History from UCLA and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University.

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