DISID To Lead Spring Roo Project

April 24, 2014 Stacey Schneider

featured-rooCode generation, as an approach to RAD (Rapid Application Development), is proven method to encapsulate best practices and reduce hand-written, boilerplate code. Spring Roo was created to make design time code generation approaches to RAD excel: be easy to use, generate editable code, and produce high-quality, high- performance, and portable enterprise applications written in 100% Java.

We are happy to announce that Pivotal and DISID will collaborate on further development of the Spring Roo project. Roo will continue in its goal of providing a code-generation style of RAD framework, focused on helping developers get Java projects done on time. Pivotal and DISID have been collaborating around Roo for some time, so we’re excited to be formalizing what originally was an informal, developer led partnership, a partnership that DISID is committed to.

Roo helps DISID to improve software factory services, reducing time to delivery for their projects. Because Roo generates the tedious infrastructure code—quality has been improved; and most importantly, DISID can embed knowledge and best practices in Roo add-ons. This make future projects even more efficient, and helps them easily include new technology.

Not only are DISID’s software factory services improved, but Roo improves all of DISID’s lines of business:

  • The core of ReconecTM (their RTLS platform) was refactored with Roo, increasing maintainability and code quality
  • Our GIS solutions were able to migrate to a web world by using Roo
  • Improves engineering knowledge sharing between DISID lines of business

The Spring Roo project will remain as an open source project under Spring, maintaining the same current licensing policy. Both Pivotal and DISID are calling on the Spring and Java communities for anyone who would like to collaborate in the project with us! Future releases of the project will be focused on things like:

  • Creating a smaller Spring Roo distribution
  • Improving roobot
  • Tackling integration complexity with 3rd party add-ons
  • Updating generated code to take advantage of the latest Spring platform versions
  • Moving the web layer to HTML5.

Also, architecture improvements will be performed to let 3rd party add-ons participate in code generation. We look forward to your feedback on future releases!


DISID is a software engineering company specialized in Java technology. In DISID we engage in each and every one of our projects, with our highest level of excellence in everything we do. Our commitment is to the success of each project. Our vision is to learn with each project, with each challenge. Always growing. Always getting the best results. Follow DISID on Twitter @disid_corp for more updates!

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