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Customer stories

Because VMware works side-by-side with customers, we think it’s important to share best-practices knowledge and lessons learned from real-world, large customer projects and hope you find these case studies informative.

Brad Miller, Head of Global Digital and Cloud Technology at Citi, says, [VMware helped] develop the skills that we needed to start building microservices and thinking about transitioning our existing architecture.
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수백 명의 개발자들이 구축한 수천 가지의 애플리케이션과 서비스들 수백 만 트랜잭션을 지원하는 가운데 VMware 솔루션은 Comcast가 수주가 아닌 단 며칠 만에 경쟁력 있는 차별화를 가져올 아이디어를 기능으로 구현하는 것을 돕습니다.

Microservices Next Steps

Microservices, like all cloud-native technologies, is rapidly evolving. Our team stays current and recommends that you do, too. If you’re looking for more microservices-related information, here are some of the resources we’ve found useful.


When you adopt a microservices architecture, you’ll find the need for new machinery to support it. Register for the new on-demand Pluralsight course, Java Microservices with Spring Cloud: Developing Services by VMware's Richard Seroter to hear why microservices matter and how to build them. Understand the supporting capabilities you need and how Spring Cloud provides a straightforward on-ramp.

This session includes:

  • Diving deep into creating a git-backed Configuration Server
  • Creating short-lived microservices
  • Securing distributed services
  • Tracing calls between services

If you want hands-on experience building modern microservices, this course is for you.

Get started with Microservices
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Migrating an ESB to a Cloud-Native Platform


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