Tag: Microservices


Code Samples

Spring Distributed Lock

An example of how to use and test the Spring Distributed Lock, using both Redis and JDBC.

Spring Zipkin Demo

Instrument a Spring Boot application with Zipkin

Spring Boot RSocket Sample

Getting Started With RSocket On Spring Boot

Spring Cloud Data Flow Sample

Building Microservice Data Streams With Spring Cloud Data Flow

Spring Boot REST API Demo

Building a REST API with Spring Boot

Bootiful Microservices

Microservices in Spring

Bootiful Reactive Microservices

Reactive Microservice workshop in Spring

Spring Cloud Stream Demo

Simple Event Driven Microservices with Spring Cloud Stream

The Spring REST Stack

RESTful service development with Spring


Under the Microscope: Software Observability in a Distributed Architecture

The importance of observability in distributed systems.

Using Tanzu Build Service for Java apps in the public sector.

An account of how the Tanzu Build Service was implement at Tanzu SLED client sites

Introducing the Tanzu Observability Slug Generator

Announcement for the open sourcing of code that generates Tanzu Observability URL

What’s New in .NET Core for Containers and Microservices

Looking at recent changes in .NET 3.0 and 3.1 for containerized workloads