In-Memory Data Caching for Microservices Architectures

February 23, 2017

Microservices represent a generational shift in how applications are built. To reap the flexibility and scalability benefits of microservices architectures, companies need to employ design patterns for their data layer. But what are the unique challenges for data in a microservices architecture? And how can microservices co-exist with previous generations of investments?

With its scalable, in-memory performance, Pivotal Cloud Cache can accommodate a range of design options that specifically solve data challenges that can emerge with a microservices architecture.

This free white paper covers key areas of consideration for data layer decisions in microservices architecture. Read about how:

  • An in-memory caching layer brings fast response time for both read and write access to data.
  • Asynchronous updates and event-driven architecture protect the autonomy between teams, and allow for high velocity software development.
  • The elasticity and scalability of a microservices architecture is inextricably tied to the elasticity and scalability of the data layer.
  • High availability for the data layer is a key requirement, and the factors to consider when you are designing for high availability.
  • Legacy systems can be modernized and carried forward into the world of microservices with the help of a caching isolation layer.
  • Pivotal Cloud Cache meets the requirements of caching for microservices architectures.

About the Authors

Cornelia Davis is Sr. Director of Technology at Pivotal, where she works on the technology strategy for both Pivotal and for Pivotal customers. Through engagement across Pivotal’s broad customer base, Cornelia develops core cloud platform strategies that drive significant change in enterprise organizations, and influence the Pivotal Cloud Foundry evolution.

Jagdish Mirani has launched several successful products in a career that spans Product Management and Product Marketing roles in companies ranging from startups to mega-vendors. Currently he is the Principal Product Marketing Manager for Pivotal’s in-memory data grid products, GemFire and Cloud Cache.

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