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Running VMware Tanzu Application Service Efficiently on Amazon Web Services

Exploring methods for optimizing cost and resource consumption on AWS

As organizations ramp up their public cloud usage, there’s an inevitable moment of sticker shock. “I thought this was going to be cheaper,” you’ll say. An explosion of workloads, unique environments, and geographic expansion all contribute to higher-than-expected compute costs. 

In this free white paper, you will learn practical steps for optimizing compute costs and resource consumption in a VMware Tanzu Application Service environment running on Amazon Web Services. Through a mix of strategy and automation, you’ll see how to make informed choices that lower your infrastructure footprint and reduce your cloud computing costs. As you start to treat compute as a market, and cloud as elastic, you begin to realize the true benefits of the cloud computing model.

This white paper discusses:

  • Reserved Instances vs. Spot Instances
  • Using Isolation Segments
  • Small Footprint TAS
  • Automatically Scaling Platform Capacity

About the Authors

Amber Alston, Principal Product Manager, Pivotal
Dan Baskette, Director, Technology, Pivotal
John Feminella, Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal
Bryan Friedman, Director, Product Marketing, Pivotal
Amit Gupta, Director, Product Management, Pivotal

Running VMware Tanzu Efficiently on Microsoft Azure
Running VMware Tanzu Efficiently on Microsoft Azure

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