StageIt Seeks Rails Developers in San Francisco

February 22, 2011 Sean Beckett

At Pivotal Labs, one of the services we provide our clients is helping them interview and hire. Pivotal Labs and our clients place a strong emphasis on Agile development and its many aspects: Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, rapid iterations, and frequent refactoring.

StageIt is looking for developers to be part of a newly minted technology team in San Francisco. Come join the company that’s disrupting the music space in ways not seen since Napster (and we’re legal). StageIt is a new, Web-based platform created for artists by artists that empowers them to deliver and monetize interactive live experiences directly from their laptop.

The full job posting follows.

“A new kind of pay-per-view” – Billboard Magazine.

“Running it all from a laptop makes it easier for us to pull off and more intimate of an experience for the fans.” – Jonathan Davis, KORN.

“An exciting technology platform for songwriters, musicians and creators in the entertainment space that we feel exemplifies the future of the digital space.” – Richard Conlon, SVP, BMI.

StageIt, with offices in Hollywood and San Francisco, is looking to hire web developers to join its growing team and take the vision to the next level.

Our founder and CEO, Evan Lowenstein, a multi-platinum recording artist-turned-entrepreneur, has built a team of individuals who are equally passionate about music, artists and technology. You have the opportunity to join the company at a time where you will be working directly with Evan while building on his vision for the way live online performances should be experienced.

It’s an exciting time for the company: the site is taking off and we’re expecting a ton of growth this year. We’ve already had performances from the likes of Jimmy Buffett, Korn, Plain White T’s as well as some of the coolest emerging artists around. And this year we’re going to add some ambitious new features. If you’re a developer and you like music, you should check us out.

We’re building the site in Ruby on Rails and HTML/JavaScript/CSS in the browser. Knowledge of those technologies is obviously a plus, but don’t be shy if you’re not an expert with them yet: we’re looking for smart people who can learn quickly, and our method of teamwork will help you become productive fast. We’re hiring for senior and junior roles; for the senior role you’ll probably have several years of web development under your belt, but we’re open to less for the junior role. We’re currently working with Pivotal Labs to get the benefits of their experience and development processes, so you’re sure to learn a lot and deepen your knowledge of software development methodology. You’ll work in a fast-paced test-driven environment with other dedicated technologists who are keen to build strong, robust software for the long-term. Requirements come straight from Evan as user stories; you’ll work in a pair to turn them around quickly. We like to build software iteratively and design incrementally so we can respond quickly to the emerging needs of the user community.

Pay and equity is competitive. Benefits include health, subsidized membership at the Sports Club LA in the Four Seasons, and of course you get to hang out with and meet rockstars.

Send over your resume to and let’s talk!

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