Mark Heckler

Developer Advocate

St. Louis, MO

Expertise: Spring, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Reactive programming, Kotlin, Kubernetes

Mark Heckler is a software developer and Spring developer advocate at VMware, conference speaker, published author, and Java Champion focusing upon developing innovative production-ready software at velocity for the cloud. His latest book, Spring Boot: Up & Running! (O’Reilly Media, 2021), is available for early access now and is scheduled for publication February 2021.

As an engineer and an MBA, Mark has worked with key players in the manufacturing, retail, medical, scientific, telecom, and financial industries as well as various public sector organizations to develop and deliver critical capabilities on time and on budget. He is a committed open source contributor and author/curator of a developer-focused blog and an occasionally interesting Twitter account.

Recent Videos/Resources

Below are a few recent sessions Mark has delivered. For more options, please visit his Current Abstracts repo on Github.

Supercharge Application Security with Spring Security, OpenID Connect, & OAuth2

Topics: Spring, Security, OpenID Connect, OAuth2

One fully open source solution is widely used and respected for its ability to secure distributed systems and assets: Spring Security. Built with Java and Spring, it provides a proven app security platform that integrates with numerous languages and components to provide end-to-end security for your critical systems.

Defense is a multi-faceted topic, and your systems’ security is central to it all. In this session, Mark shows how you can leverage Spring Security to implement OpenID Connect and OAuth2 with ease, adding powerful and extensible mechanisms for authentication and authorization to secure your distributed systems.

This session is a live-coding “lock it down” exploration of how to secure your apps and assets now and maintain their security over time using 100 percent open source software.

Game of Streams, Extended Edition (@ NYJAVASIG)

Most mission-critical systems have distributed elements or are entirely distributed, resulting in a number of challenges: performance, scalability, reliability, resilience…the eight fallacies of distributed computing are alive and well!

Messaging platforms are often used to solve these problems and increase the “-ilities,” but they don’t come without a few complexities of their own. In this session, Mark explains not only how to use open source solutions like Spring Cloud Stream, RabbitMQ, and Apache Kafka to maximize your distributed systems’ capabilities while minimizing complexity…but also how to really use them! There be dragons when dealing with messaging platforms, but Mark shows you several ways to tame and harness them for maximum fire and altitude. All examples are coded live and in real time.

Building Reactive Pipelines: How to Go from Scalable Apps to (Ridiculously) Scalable Systems

Topics: Spring, Reactor, reactive programming, Java, Kotlin, Spring Cloud Stream, messaging, RabbitMQ, Kafka

Going from imperative, blocking code to a reactive programming model enables us to scale our apps in ways that aren’t possible with a thread scale-out approach—which is a good thing! But as with all optimizations, one must examine and address the system holistically or all we accomplish is moving bottlenecks around, creating or finding new chokepoints as we tune certain applications/services. This is not so good.

In this session, Mark discusses and demonstrates:

  • How Project Reactor builds on reactive streams to help you create performant and scalable reactive microservices
  • How to utilize message brokers and streaming platforms, like RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka
  • How Spring Cloud Stream leverages Reactor to provide fully reactive pipelines for system-wide (ridiculous!) scalability

Mark codes all examples using 100 percent open source software, live and in real time.

Construyendo Pipelines Reactivos: Como ir de Aplicaciones Escalables a Sistemas RIDICULAMENTE Escalables

Temas: Spring, Reactor, programación reactiva, Java, Kotlin, Spring Cloud Stream, mensajería, RabbitMQ, Kafka

Migrar de código imperativo a un modelo de programación reactiva nos habilita escalar nuestras aplicaciones de maneras que serían imposibles con el método imperativo de “scale out”, y eso es una cosa buena! Pero con todas mejoras, se necesita examinar y abordar holisticamente el sistema o todo lo que logremos es de mover los embotellamientos, creando o encontrando uno u otro mientras sintonizemos aplicaciones o servicios particulares. Esto no es tan bueno.

En esta sesión, el ponente discute:

  • Como el proyecto Reactor construye en la iniciativa Reactive Streams para ayudarte crear microservicios reactivos escalables de alto rendimiento
  • Plataformas de mensajería como RabbitMQ & Apache Kafka
  • Como Spring Cloud Stream utiliza Reactor para proveer pipelines enteramente reactivos para escalabilidad ridícula entre el sistema total

El ponente escribirá en código todos los ejemplos usando software de código abierto en vivo y en tiempo real! Esta no está una presentación abstracta, vengas para ganar conocimiento real y practical!

Spring Boot: Up & Running!

Early access is now available for Spring Boot: Up & Running! (O’Reilly Media, 2021).

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