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11 Recommended Security Practices to Manage the Container Lifecycle

Most organizations today are on a path to modernize the way they build and deliver applications and services. Application packaging, specifically containerization, plays a key role in modernization. However, development, security and operations (DevSecOps) leaders must also modernize the way they think about and practice security, governance and compliance so as to instill confidence in faster release cycles.

This paper details 11 recommended practices for DevSecOps teams needing to move to a more modern application methodology. The practices are roughly ordered to align with the stages of a containerized application lifecycle, from how the application is built to how it is stored, deployed and run. After reading this paper, you should have a better understanding of DevSecOps practices over the lifecycle of a container that every team must consider when modernizing.

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Embrace DevSecOps for Modern Apps
Embrace DevSecOps for Modern Apps

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