From Pivotal to VMware Tanzu: What you need to know

February 14, 2020
On December 30, 2019, VMware announced that it had completed its acquisition of Pivotal Software, Inc. We’re excited about the opportunities this creates to deliver more innovation to customers, but we understand you may be asking, “Will the portfolio change and how might that impact my company?” So we want to use this opportunity to be direct with answers—our product and go-to-market leaders will drive this session and describe how Pivotal and VMware products and services are coming together. We will: - Affirm our commitment to Spring, Cloud Foundry, Pivotal Application Service, PKS, BOSH and more - Share how Pivotal products and services will amplify our VMware Tanzu portfolio - Walk through the VMware Tanzu vision for modern infrastructure and modern applications - Define the engineering priorities that will inform our product roadmap

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