Platforms as Contracts with John Feminella (Ep. 30)

August 25, 2016 Coté

While at SpringOne Platform I talked with John Feminella about his talk on platforms and contracts. He uses the legal metaphor of contracts to describe the beneficial trade-offs between things like 12 factor coding and continuous delivery. As the abstract for his talks puts it:

Platforms like Pivotal Cloud Foundry can be viewed as contracts between applications and the people who build, operate, and deploy them. At the root of these contracts is a core premise: if your application checks off a few boxes, the platform can provide enormous amounts of power and enable capabilities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

John also goes over the build vs. buy decision process for thinking through building your own platform versus using something like Pivotal Cloud Foundry, with some anecdotes from enterprises thinking through that decision. See the recording of his talk as well.

Check back from the video recording of the talk and find John on Twitter at @jxxf.

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