No Budget? No Problem. 5 Ways to Start Today - Jason Weber, Magenic

April 27, 2018

No Budget? No Problem. 5 Ways to Start Today - Jason Weber, Magenic This session may be of interest if 3 things are true. One, you have a legacy (possibly massive) .NET-based monolithic application that your business relies on. Two, you would like to modernize this application and/or make it cloud-native but currently lack the budget to do so. Three, you wonder if there is anything you can do today to get a head start on this non-trivial effort. Good news, the answer is “yes!” In this session you’ll learn 5 concrete and incremental changes you can begin today that will help you gain that head start in place. Why do next year what you can begin next week? This session is geared towards decision makers and managers with a technical background. In addition to the checklist, you'll also see a few concrete examples (code) that illustrate the main points discussed. About Jason Weber Jason is a seasoned consultant with over 20 years experience creating business value with Microsoft technology. His experience spans a variety of industries and operating environments. With a professional focus on the technical leadership of cloud- and web-based projects, Jason has led several of Magenic’s most significant engagements. Recently, Jason has worked with Pivotal's Application Transformation practice to help customers with .NET-based application portfolios achieve the benefits of cloud-native architecture and culture. Jason has spoken at numerous conferences and events including AIM New England, Code Mastery, Microsoft Technology Center, national web casts for Magenic, and various Microsoft user groups.

October 30, 2018 .NET Cloud-Native Bootcamp | Minneapolis
October 30, 2018 .NET Cloud-Native Bootcamp | Minneapolis

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