Customer Case Study: Humana

July 7, 2015

In 2013, Humana decided to partner with Pivotal Labs so that Humana software developers could learn agile methods to quickly build and deploy software and adopt Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry Cloud-Native Platform to provide the optimal environment to develop cutting edge mobile applications and other digital products. Humana developers saw how the work environment at Pivotal Labs inspired new ideas and creativity, so they created the Humana Digital Experience Center (DEC) in Louisville, a new workspace that parallels the innovative spaces they used at Pivotal Labs. Today, the Humana DEC houses multidisciplinary software development teams working on Humana’s key digital products. To learn more about Pivotal Cloud Foundry, visit To learn more about Pivotal Labs, visit

Crafting Your Cloud-Native Strategy
Crafting Your Cloud-Native Strategy

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