VMware’s Blazing Fast Cache Offers Improved Functionality with Tanzu GemFire 9.15

July 7, 2022 Roger Freixa

VMware Tanzu GemFire is an enterprise-grade, high-speed, in-memory data and compute grid that serves a variety of use cases. From high-performance, low-latency applications where data must be processed with sub-millisecond delivery times, to caching and key-value stores, GemFire shines as an ultra-fast system of record. 

 In all GemFire use cases, data remains consistent, secure, and up to date. GemFire can be deployed and replicated across multiple data centers with unlimited scale and extremely fast performance. Plus, it can be deployed on-premises, in the public cloud, in virtual machines, containers, or even orchestrated via Kubernetes.

Tanzu GemFire is used by customers in a plethora of real-world applications (e.g., banking, billing, insurance, inventory, logistics, etc.) to replace non-schematic databases, achieve massive parallel processing at incredibly fast speeds, and supercharge intelligent, modern applications. 

What’s new with VMware Tanzu GemFire 9.15 

Today, we’re announcing new functionality added to Tanzu GemFire with the latest version 9.15:  

  • Tanzu GemFire for Redis Apps add-on – VMware Tanzu GemFire for Redis Apps is a new add-on for GemFire that, for the first time ever, allows applications currently using a Redis client to connect to and send Redis commands to GemFire. GemFire for Redis Apps allows those applications to use GemFire as a datastore for Redis clients, with little to no code changes. This is a game changer for users that already utilize open source Redis technology, but would like to leverage out-of-the-box enterprise-ready features to easily manage and maintain their in-memory data workloads. You can read about how to get started with Tanzu GemFire for Redis Apps in our detailed technical blog, or check out frequently asked questions about this feature.
  • Improved security with connection reauthorization – GemFire now offers a method to refresh connection authentication and authorization details, which eliminates the need for GemFire applications to reconnect for every connection change. This keeps the connection more secure and stable than ever before.
  • Support for Java Development Kits 8, 11, and 17 – GemFire now offers expanded Java compatibility by supporting all major Java Long-Term-Support releases. This enables GemFire developers to take advantage of new Java features and their increased flexibility while allowing enterprises to modernize their applications, per their convenience. 
  • Inclusion of Java date/time types – GemFire 9.15 allows users with java.time. types (like LocalDateTime, LocalDate, and LocalTime) in their query result fields to have proper formatting out of the box, with inclusion of the jackson-datatype-jsr310 and jackson-datatype-joda libraries. This allows users to have a more productive and streamlined querying experience than with previous versions of the product. 
  • Stability – GemFire 9.15 is the product’s most stable and secure release to date. It brings a more secure transport layer security (TLS) experience, with the deprecation of TLSv1.1 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). 

Get started and learn more

To learn more about Tanzu GemFire or the latest product release, you can visit our product marketing web page, or check out our Tanzu GemFire overview video. For a deeper dive, feel free to read our developer guides or product documentation. You can also simply get started by visiting VMware Tanzu Network and downloading the latest release version.

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