Deliver high-value software faster

VMware Tanzu Platform helps organizations accelerate delivery of applications by simplifying and integrating the processes and tools used by developers and IT operations.

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Built for platform engineers

Platform teams can offer simple code-to-deployment pipelines and support continuous delivery practices.

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Loved by app developers

Get a frictionless developer experience, from onboarding to prod with baked-in patterns and enhancements for Spring.

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Trusted by enterprises

Millions of mission critical apps in highly regulated industries run on Tanzu Platform.

Tanzu Platform Total Cost of Ownership savings

ESG conducted a TCO analysis based on actual customer environments for both Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. The analysis compares Tanzu Platform versus Do-It-Yourself open source and other commercial application platforms over a 3-year period. View report


Reduction in development time


Reduction in management costs


Average savings on infrastructure


Return on investment

Key Capabilities

Integrated functionality for Spring apps

Ensure secure by default posture with enterprise-ready, managed Spring Cloud Services and configurations. Enable SRE/DevOps best practices and observability with Spring-specific instrumentation.

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Curation of trusted open source software

Craft a private catalog of custom-configured, pre-packaged open source application components that are customized to enterprise requirements, continuously maintained, and privately delivered.

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Self-service databases and messaging

Store, process and query data quickly and at scale. Capture data sets of all types, make them available to every workload, and ensure they’re immediately available for use. Tanzu Platform entitles you to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Valkey and RabbitMQ.

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Powerful ecosystem of brokered services

Leverage your favorite tools across OSS and commercial vendors with service brokers for AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure. Easily access partner services like GitLab, Apigee and New Relic.

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Simplified security and compliance enforcement

Manage compliance and vulnerability, with full-service, closed-loop automation and remediation. Employ powerful automation that goes beyond scanning to actually find and fix critical issues.

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Tanzu Platform Architecture
People pairing

Partner with cloud native experts to accelerate software delivery, build next generation apps, modernize legacy apps, and adopt practices that reduce operating costs and risk

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Use Cases

Supporting icon Develop AI-powered applications

Get a comprehensive set of tools and resources to enhance app development with AI. AI App Accelerators, integration of Spring AI modules for enterprise context, access to LLM choices, utilization of LLM cache, and the support of Tanzu Labs for defining product strategies and crafting AI-powered apps help developers leverage VMware Tanzu's capabilities to drive innovation.

Supporting icon Automate and monitor platform operations

Leveraging automations built into the platform, plus an easy-to-use UI, CLI and declarative API, organizations can significantly reduce the complexity of operating a production-grade platform. Quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues based on full-stack observability with real-time, end-to-end correlation.

Supporting icon Ensure data security and compliance

Use cloud native security principles to automate compliance tasks. Build automated systems that log every activity. Use an operational toolchain that can rapidly patch and update components as new bits become available. Embrace immutable infrastructure.

Supporting icon Accelerate the delivery of new, secure applications

Unleash your development teams to release new applications at the pace needed by the business. Focus your developers on creating great applications by freeing them up from spending time on packaging, security or learning Kubernetes.

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