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Cloud native platform operations

Simplify, secure, and optimize your Kubernetes platform across all your clouds consistently

Managing the platform lifecycle with applications running in production at scale requires the right tools, people, and processes.

VMware Tanzu provides a consistent operational framework and expert enablement that empower your platform operations teams to provision, manage, connect, and secure a multi-cloud Kubernetes platform, helping you to scale DevOps adoption and treat the platform like a product.

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Automate and simplify

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Control and secure

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Observe and optimize

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Adopt modern practices

How VMware Tanzu delivers on cloud native platform operations

VMware Tanzu helps you quickly adopt a modern, multi-cloud container infrastructure to simplify, secure, and optimize operations while enabling your platform team to run and manage apps at scale.

Simplify choice

VMware Tanzu offers an expertly curated stack, including all the core elements needed to stand up and operate a modern, enterprise-grade container infrastructure, backed by unrivaled global support. Eliminate not just the confusion and finger pointing of multiple support touch points, but also the risk of making the wrong core element choices.

Secure apps

VMware Tanzu protects your modern applications with line-of-sight application visibility, API threat detection and protection, end-to-end encryption, and control over how applications share data with each other across multiple clouds. And it's all backed by a full audit history that provides continuous proof of compliance.

Optimize performance

VMware Tanzu provides a real-time, unified view into the infrastructure, operating systems, and applications of single and multi-cloud environments. It offers advanced tools and automation for identifying bottlenecks, accelerating root-cause analysis, and rendering insights for continuous application and infrastructure optimization.

Enable your team

Learn new skills from VMware Tanzu Labs engineers as we work together to enable your operators to run and manage your Kubernetes platform confidently. Tanzu Labs engineers can help you establish a dedicated platform team and boost productivity for Kubernetes platform operators, so you can take your first step toward treating your platform as a product. We can teach your team best practices in site reliability engineering, patching, upgrades, and service-level objectives—or even manage your platform for you.

“Lack of internal expertise and difficulty in meeting security and compliance requirements are among the top 2 Kubernetes challenges in both 2020 and 2021.”

The State of Kubernetes 2021

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