Upcoming Events

  • 10/18

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Allen Holub (http://holub.com, @allenholub, allen@holub.com), an internationally...

  • 10/27

Join us for Building Data Analytics Platforms with Observability using Deployment Blueprints.

  • 10/28

Join us for So You Built a Kubernetes Platform, Now What? Achieving Platform Economics with Kubernetes .

  • 11/01

Join us for Devoxx UK.

  • 11/02

Join us for Reactive Summit.

  • 11/04

Join us for Modern SRE Practices: SLO-based Alerting with Tanzu Observability.

  • 11/04

Join us for [EMEA] La vostra piattaforma applicativa può far fronte a una crisi?.

  • 11/09

Join us for Application Platform Economics: Let's Look at ROI.

  • 11/10

Join us for [EMEA] RabbitMQ 3.9.0 dallo stream al cloud native.

  • 11/18

Join us for Building The Ideal CI/CD Pipeline.

  • 11/29

Join us for AWS re:Invent.

  • 12/02

Join us for [EMEA] Votre Application Platform peut-elle faire face à une crise?.