Introducing The Podlets Podcast: Your Audio Guide to Cloud Native Concepts

November 20, 2019 Carlisia Campos

Listen up—The Podlets are here! We know your podcast queue is probably already pretty full. Why make room for one more? The Podlets is your entry point into the cloud native world.

The Podlets crew has lived and breathed cloud native concepts for years, but we understand that’s not the case for everyone. More people are joining the cloud native community every day, and they can benefit from first getting familiar with the fundamentals. So, we’re here to serve as translators. In every episode, we identify a relevant topic, theme or concept, and then break it down.

For those of you who want a deeper dive, try TGIK live on Fridays, when Joe Beda, Duffie Cooley, Bryan Liles, and others get hands-on with open source projects. You can always dig into the archive too.

We think The Podlets is a great complement to TGIK. And while The Podlets is accessible to newcomers, it’s not only for beginners. Advanced professionals will benefit from having a source of information that helps them keep up with the ever-evolving cloud native field. Because the cloud native space moves so quickly, no one has expert knowledge of every aspect of the ecosystem, and there’s lots of new terminology being introduced by developers. We will provide a well-rounded exploration of cloud native elements, patterns, use cases, and real-world experience in production environments.

Cloud native technologies have unique elements. In the greater tech community, there is not only a lack of knowledge of concepts and certain technologies, but also misunderstanding and almost mysticism surrounding the space. The Podlets show aims to elucidate and demystify these elements to help people confidently embrace cloud native technology.

Program Audience

  • Newcomers to moderately advanced users
  • Engineers, operators, and technical decision makers

Podcast Hosts

This podcast is a work of passion from VMware engineers who want to share their experiences and help people along their own cloud native journey. We have a team of seven hosts on rotation, each with distinct experiences and outlooks as well as a variety of knowledge from production use cases. Each week you will hear from at least three of the active hosts:

  • Carlisia Campos, Senior Member of Technical Staff and an engineer on the Velero open source project
  • Bryan Liles, Senior Staff Engineer working on VMware Tanzu
  • Duffie Cooley, Staff Cloud Native Architect, working with the field engineering team
  • Olive Power, staff system engineer, working on VMware Tanzu
  • Josh Rosso, Staff Cloud Native Architect working with the field engineering team
  • Patrick Barker, Staff Engineer working on VMware Tanzu
  • Michael Gasch, Application Platforms Architect, Office of the CTO, working on VMware NSX Service Mesh

Find the Podcasts on YouTube and Podcast Channels

Episodes are being released both as YouTube videos on the VMware Cloud Native Apps channel and as a podcast show in the usual podcast distribution channels, such as Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Episodes will post every Monday to help you fire up your week. To watch or listen to the show, head on over to and follow us on Twitter at You may also contact us at

By the way, as you listen to the first few episodes, you may notice the use of a different name. At the outset, we called ourselves The Kubelets. No, you’re not listening to the wrong podcast. We were exploring different names and approaches and we’ve found our fit—The Podlets.

About the Author

Carlisia is an engineer on the Velero open source project, a tool used for backup and recovery of Kubernetes clusters. She’s a CNCF ambassador, the host of The Podlets cloud native podcast, and also a founding member of GoBridge, a non-profit organization that focuses on programming education using the Go language.

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