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April 1, 2020 Marissa Bosché

We’re excited to announce a new KubeAcademy course—Building Applications for Kubernetes. Designed for developers that are new to building applications to run on Kubernetes, this course teaches you how to build container images, run your app locally on Kubernetes, and manage manifests for deployment, as well as introduces you to tools you can use to improve your workflow.

What you’ll learn 

The Building Applications for Kubernetes course consists of six lessons, totaling just under an hour’s worth of material. Here’s a preview of what each lesson covers.

Lesson 1: Setting Up Your Workstation

How to set up your workstation to develop applications to run on Kubernetes.

Lesson 2: Building Container Images

How to write a Dockerfile, and build and push your container image.

Lesson 3: Running Kubernetes Locally

How to start a local Kubernetes KinD cluster and run your app on it.

Lesson 4: Deploying Your Application

How to create Kubernetes Deployment manifests that can be used to deploy your app to various environments.

Lesson 5: Packaging Your Application

How to use Helm to template your manifests and package your application for deployment.

Lesson 6: Improving Developer Workflow

How  to shorten the feedback loop and improve velocity when developing apps for Kubernetes.

Unlock your full potential with Kubernetes courses designed by experts

The expert instructors at KubeAcademy design and deliver practical Kubernetes training. KubeAcademy offers a breadth of courses for a variety of roles and skill levels, whether you’re new to Kubernetes or responsible for running it.

We invite you to create your own profile on KubeAcademy to track your progress, save your favorite courses, and earn achievements. Not sure which courses are right for you? Take the assessment quiz to get a personalized recommendation of courses based on your experience, interests, role, and more.

Don’t see the topic or course you’re looking for on KubeAcademy? Drop us a line at KubeAcademy@VMware.com to let us know. We’re always accepting requests for new topics as we continue to expand the KubeAcademy course catalog. 

Happy learning!

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