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December 19, 2019 Marissa Bosché

After launching KubeAcademy from VMware—a free, product-agnostic Kubernetes and cloud native technology education platform—in August, we received a flood of positive reactions and content requests. By far, the most common content request is for more beginner content. While KubeAcademy has beginner content such as Containers 101 and Kubernetes 101, we realized that for true beginners, it’s important to understand foundational topics before diving into the technical pieces. So we set out to create a new course that covers the history of why cloud native technology exists, the meaning of its terms, and where it’s going.

We’re excited to announce Getting Started, a new KubeAcademy course designed to orient beginners to the cloud native ecosystem.  

About the Course

The Getting Started course is meant for newcomers to the cloud native and Kubernetes space. The course covers the basics, including proper pronunciation and meaning of cloud native lingo, how cloud native technology came to be, where it’s going, and the story of the origin of Kubernetes.

We recommend taking the Getting Started course before diving into Containers 101 and Kubernetes 101. It will provide a solid foundation that will help you better understand the other courses on KubeAcademy.

About the Instructor

KubeAcademy instructors are subject-matter experts who volunteer their time to teach courses. Using their experiences working on the VMware team of Kubernetes architects and trainers as well as their personal experiences learning Kubernetes, our instructors design and deliver practical Kubernetes training.

Meet Jonathan Smith, our newest KubeAcademy instructor. Jonathan designed and delivered the Getting Started KubeAcademy course.

Jonathan is a Director in the VMware Cloud Native Field Engineering and Education organization. His team works with customers to both teach Kubernetes and cloud native concepts and to help implement solutions in this fast-changing space. After earning his Master’s in Information Security and Privacy, he joined Vanguard Group as a software engineer. He then became a software consultant at a boutique consultancy, which led him to Red Hat through an acquisition. He later joined Heptio, which led him to VMware when it acquired Heptio.

Start Learning on KubeAcademy Today

Did we mention KubeAcademy is free? We invite you to create your own profile on KubeAcademy to track your progress, save your favorite courses, and earn achievements.

Don’t see the topic or course you’re looking for on KubeAcademy? Drop us a line at to let us know. We’re always accepting requests for new topics as we continue to expand the KubeAcademy course catalog.

Enjoy the journey!

About the Author

Marissa Bosché is a marketing manager at VMware. She builds global, integrated marketing campaigns for VMware Tanzu, and leads strategy and growth for KubeAcademy. Prior to VMware, she was a marketing manager at Heptio.

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