App Modernization Technical Account Management Service

A proven and personal approach to supporting mission-critical solutions based on VMware Tanzu technologies.

Program Overview

App Modernization Technical Account Management Service provides your organization with the VMware Tanzu expertise, advocacy, and advisory skills to keep your Modern Apps initiatives on track. This subscription-based remote service helps you successfully utilize VMware Tanzu products and focus on innovation through modern application development. Our goal is to establish a meaningful partnership by understanding your environment, applications, challenges, and business objectives.

App Modernization Technical Account Management Service offers deep technical understanding of the VMware Tanzu product set including VMware Tanzu Application Service (TAS), VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG), and VMware Tanzu Data Services. We work closely with your VMware Tanzu platform and application development teams to deliver personalized services that meet your unique requirements.

Modern Apps Technical Account Management Service offers the right fit for your organization, sized to the scale and complexity of your business—1 day per week, 2 1/2 days per week or 5 days per week. (1 day equates to 8 business hours)

Activities and Benefits

App Modernization Technical Account Management Services include the following activities:

Benefits Activities
Product Enablement
  • Identify skill gaps and facilitate roadmap and development sessions to increase knowledge and abilities
  • Provide technical analysis, coordinate with subject matter experts, and make recommendations for features and upgrades that meet requirements
  • Lead technical reviews and root cause analyses that drive continuous improvement
  • Direct system access for log access and review (Only for service contract of 5 days per week)
Risk Mitigation Research & Technical Spikes
  • Compare Tanzu platform to known best practices of similar organizations using our product team’s guidance and years of experience
  • Interact regularly via preferred communication channels to drive faster issue resolution and responses to questions
  • Coordinate with technical and management teams and provide heightened awareness for major customer events and escalations
  • Offer proactive maintenance and upgrade planning guidance
Account Management
  • Progress and results reviews to confirm alignment with stated business goals and priorities
  • Weekly Carelog (Status) Call and daily standup calls to discuss ongoing project activity, open issues, challenges, and future plans
  • Quarterly / Yearly Reviews to present and discuss highlights, accomplishments, and planning for quarter/year ahead


* Customers must have an active subscription (“Premium Support”) or a valid support contract in place for the specified product as a prerequisite to the purchase of Technical Account Management.

VMware App Modernization Support Tier Offerings Premium TAM Tier 1 TAM Tier 2 TAM Tier 3
24x7x365 access to VMware Tanzu Support
Online peer & self-solve resources
Global product experts
Heightened support awareness of upcoming activities
Technical Account Manager
Monday through Friday. 9:00am to 5:00pm
Weekly Care Log Reports
Review open support tickets, Notification of Known issues, CVE updates
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Written report, Short and Long term recommendations, Executive summary, Timeline
Patching and Upgrade planning for Supported VMware Tanzu Products
Quarterly / Yearly Support Reviews
Support Highlights and Accomplishments, Planning for quarter/year ahead
Daily Operational Interactions
Attend Customers’ Standups, Answer quick inquiries
Regular Stand Up With Your Account Team
Sales Engineer, Customer Success Manager, Account Executive
Product Enhancement Support
Feature requests tracking, Bug reporting, Facilitate discussion session with R&D
Point of Escalation
Technical & Management Escalation assistance
Pairing Technical Account Managers
Multi Region Coverage, Backup TAM offered
Multi Product Support (up to 2 for Half-time or 3 for Full-time)
Remote Assistance
Webex, Zoom, Slack, etc.
Annual On Site Visit
Support Ticket Analysis
Collecting Logs, Troubleshooting, Performance analysis
Skills Gap Identification
Remediation Plan, Training Notifications, Best Practice Guidance
Global (Asia, Americas and Europe) TAM Coverage
Based on customer request and AMTAM availability
Direct system access for review and log retrieval Access
Contingent on Customer Approval (Not a staff augmentation)

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

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