Build, Run, and Scale Spring apps with Spring Cloud and Kubernetes

Azure Spring Cloud is a fully-managed service for microservices, powered by Spring Cloud and Azure Kubernetes Service.

A complete runtime for Spring Boot and Steeltoe .NET Core apps

Azure Spring Cloud includes everything you need to run Spring Boot and Steeltoe .NET Core apps at cloud scale. Start, stop, deploy, and scale your app from the Azure CLI.

Build scalable, maintainable microservices

Just deploy your source code or build artifacts. From there, Azure Spring Cloud will automatically wire your app with Spring Cloud infrastructure. Review metrics and logs to fine‑tune performance.

Powered by Kubernetes

Achieve greater stability and scalability for your code with industry-standard technologies. Azure Spring Cloud handles operational toil for you.

Why Azure Spring Cloud?

Azure Spring Cloud makes it quick, safe and easy to deploy Spring Boot and Steeltoe .NET Core apps to Azure.

Run Spring Boot and Steeltoe .NET Core apps in the cloud

Get your apps online fast. Azure Spring Cloud enables rapid time to value for your custom code by managing everything else for you.

Built and operated by Tanzu and Microsoft

Azure Spring Cloud is powered by two of the biggest names in cloud. That means a first‑class Spring experience at enterprise scale.

Automated patching gives you a secure application stack

Tanzu and Microsoft automatically update your environment for you. Spring Cloud Services, Buildpacks, and the JDK are regularly refreshed with patches and updates.

Automated source‑to‑container builds

Azure Spring Cloud includes elements of Tanzu Build Service to simplify code‑to‑container workflows over the life of your app.

Easy integration with popular Azure databases

Extend your Spring apps with Cosmos DB, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Cache for Redis, and more.

Integrated with Azure tools for metrics and logs

Use Azure Monitor and Application Insights to gain deep insights on real‑world application performance and operational telemetry. Quickly troubleshoot apps and resolve issues.


Azure Spring Cloud is available in an expanding number of regions for flexible deployment options.

Horizontal autoscaling

Keep your app online serving traffic during peak traffic. Automatically increase instance counts via a predetermined schedule and/or performance threshold settings. Scale down when traffic returns to normal levels.

Supports Spring starters

Azure Spring Cloud integrates with the tools and frameworks you already use. Access a portfolio of Spring starters to interact with Azure services in simple steps.

What’s included *

App lifecycle management

Authentication and authorization


Custom domains

Log streaming


Real‑time monitoring

Service binding w/ first party and third party services on Azure

Rolling updates

Diagnostics service

Multiple deployment methods (e.g., JAR, or source code)

Integrated load balancers

Automated code‑to‑container builds and ongoing image management

Service Registry with Eureka Server

Distributed configuration with Spring Cloud Config Server

Distributed tracing

Circuit Breaker Dashboard

Spring Cloud Gateway

100GB storage for artifacts

Blue/green deployments

Automated horizontal scale‑in/scale‑out VNET integration

* Features vary by service tier, see Azure Spring Cloud pricing details for more information