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VMware Tanzu helps keep your business at the leading edge by enabling innovation and growth. Like many organizations, IT leaders also need to move faster and innovate, with an eye toward the public cloud, while simplifying technology infrastructure. This enables the organization to be tech forward and attract and retain top technical talent.

VMware Tanzu is a modular, cloud native application platform that enables you to speed up app delivery to any and many clouds and manage them more securely at scale. These features unlock developer productivity and accelerate business like never before. Unlike the reality of lock-in with public cloud vendors or the challenge of curating and maintaining a platform comprised of cloud native open source software, VMware Tanzu gives developers the freedom to innovate. With the best services from cloud providers and the cloud native ecosystem, organizations can reduce operational complexity and drive business growth.

VMware Tanzu customers have achieved incredible results:

400%faster release velocity

83%fewer incidents

80%faster security patching

60%reduction in infrastructure costs

We’ve seen a massive increase in our business. Our year-over-year revenue growth is very significant, in the double digits, thanks to this new platform.”

Thomas Fredell, Datasite

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