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VMware Tanzu enables developers to build the right product for your customers efficiently and quickly in a vibrant work environment of modern languages, tools, and frameworks. You can focus on getting great code into production unencumbered by infrastructure, packaging, and security concerns.

With VMware Tanzu, developers can use a modular cloud native application platform that frees you to be productive and inventive in an automated, secure environment built with your preferences in mind. Unlike platforms that constrain how you code, or the confusing glut of tool and technology options from public clouds and open source software, VMware Tanzu provides flexibility to fit your existing and future practices and workflows while streamlining your developer experience for any Kubernetes—enabling innovation to happen on your terms.

...There’s a lot of abstracting away of the messy details that engineers don’t care about. It’s simple for me to deploy and get my software running.”

Justin Robison, Liberty Mutual

With VMware Tanzu, developers can:

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Access preconfigured cloud native app templates to jumpstart development along with a rich set of developer tooling for rapid iteration.

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Debug code running on Kubernetes straight from your IDE.

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Gain self-service access to Kubernetes clusters and namespaces.

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Trigger the software supply chain automatically upon code commit and benefit from a prepaved (but customizable) path to production.

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Maintain visibility of apps at runtime to troubleshoot and improve them.

Of course, it’s not enough to release code quickly—you need to build the right thing for your users. VMware can help with that, too. Our world-class team of agile developers, product managers, and designers works alongside you to build and deploy software differently than you ever have before. In the process, you’ll become empowered to do this work self-sufficiently in the future.


We love helping people solve tough problems. Speak with a VMware Tanzu Labs engineer, designer, or product manager during a free, confidential consultation.