VMware Strengthens Spring Runtime Offering with Extended Support

February 15, 2022 Ryan Morgan

Today, we are excited to announce long-term support available with our enterprise offering VMware Spring Runtime. Customers have enjoyed business support from Spring experts, in addition to security updates and bug fixes, for the duration an open source Spring project was publicly supported. With today’s announcement, support is extended for a minimum of 12 months, after open source projects reach end-of-life.

Spring support from VMware, now with more

One of the key findings from the 2021 State of Spring survey was that developers and architects continue to choose Spring for its clear impact on unlocking developer productivity. Choosing Spring also allows teams to tap into the vast ecosystem and plentiful availability of talent. The story really comes together with customer outcomes. At SpringOne last year, Gap Inc., CVS, and Morgan Stanley told us how using Spring and VMware Tanzu has led to some amazing business outcomes.

With today’s announcement, if you are already using commercial Spring, you get more for your money right away. You get more time to run framework updates, and more peace of mind knowing that you are receiving first-class support directly from the Spring engineering team. If you aren’t a customer yet, we hope we’re making your decision easier. VMware Spring Runtime is available as a separate purchase, and available at no additional cost to customers of VMware Tanzu Application Service, Tanzu Advanced, and Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise.

Tools to make the most of extended support

Starting today, every Spring project page on Spring.io will feature a Support tab, which will show you a timeline of open source and commercial support dates. Spring projects will keep these dates updated for active and upcoming releases, so you can look and plan ahead.

For example, here’s a timeline view of open source and commercial support dates for Spring Boot: 

There’s also help available, right on your command line. We’ve updated our buildpacks to consume support dates, and support messages are displayed any time buildpacks run. 

For example, when you run ./mvnw spring-boot:build-image or ./gradlew bootBuildImage from the command line, you might expect to see a variation of the following:

This application uses Spring Boot 2.0.0.RELEASE. Commercial updates for 2.0.x ended on 2020-04-01. or This application uses Spring Boot 2.2.0.RELEASE. Open Source updates for 2.2.x ended on 2021-10-01.

If your builds run via a development platform, such as Tanzu Application Platform, or build with solutions like Tanzu Build Service, you would see messages in logs.

Developer productivity at the forefront

If you haven’t already, explore VMware Spring Runtime to see how enterprise support could help your organization. To ​unlock ​developer productivity with a Kubernetes abstraction layer, check out Tanzu Application Platform, now generally available.

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Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan is Vice President, Software Engineering at VMware.

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