VMware Tanzu Editions

VMware Tanzu offers three editions that support your modernization journey, from simplifying Kubernetes adoption to running modern applications at scale.

VMware Tanzu Advanced Edition

Build and deliver compliant containers—continuously

VMware Tanzu Advanced simplifies and secures the container lifecycle to speed the delivery of modern apps at scale. With its modular, full-stack capabilities, you can embrace DevSecOps and stand up a platform for modern apps that works for your organization. Automatically build a stream of compliant containers. Secure your software supply chain end to end. And operationalize containers and clusters across clouds.

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Let developers focus on code, not infrastructure

Plug into a secure, automated software supply chain to get to production quickly.

Secure the container lifecycle

Establish end-to-end security from code provenance to apps running safely in production.

Simplify and scale operations atop Kubernetes

Manage policy, networking, and health of containers and clusters across clouds.

Tanzu Advanced Modular Capabilities

Value for Applications

Developer frameworks

Drive cloud native development with the popular Spring Runtime, which includes a polyglot API gateway, an API discovery and management portal, along with a toolkit for streaming and batch data processing for Kubernetes.

Serverless for Kubernetes

Consistently deploy containers across environments along with all the routing and services you need with Cloud Native Runtimes. Get a URL for testing in seconds, automatically scale workloads (including scale-to-zero), and apply traffic policies like blue-green and canary.

Curated app catalog

Access a curated, validated, continuously updated catalog of open source, production-ready containers. Comes with full source transparency and a hardened VMware base OS image.

Container build service

Build and maintain production-ready containers automatically—easing source-to-container workflows across any development framework. Resolve many vulnerabilities without a rebuild, and keep containers up to date with documented provenance.

Container registry

Trust your images in the software supply chain. Consistently and securely manage artifacts across clouds with policies, role-based access control, and vulnerability scanning.


Tap into an on-demand, relational database for modern apps. Developers can spawn dedicated instances of SQL for new and replatformed apps without operator intervention. The service works the same in any cloud.

Value for Operators

Policy and governance

Apply consistent operation and security for Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications across multiple teams and clouds. Manage the lifecycle of fleets of clusters and continuously validate cluster compliance.

Service mesh

Deliver application continuity and security across clusters and clouds. Meet service-level objectives with automated failovers and scaling. Secure data with granular access policies and traffic encryption. Manage the service mesh lifecycle alongside your clusters.

Container networking

Implement network connectivity and security for Kubernetes pods across clouds, even for the most demanding workloads. Enhance container security with traffic encryption between pods and fine-grained policy controls over pod traffic.

Platform observability

Use advanced analytics to get visibility into the health and performance of workloads and clusters across clouds. Proactively observe and manage your Kubernetes estate.

Kubernetes ingress services

Enable application availability, security, and responsiveness across on-premises and any cloud. Access consolidated L4-L7 services—including global load balancing, intelligent web application firewall (iWAF), and container ingress—to simplify cluster operation.

Multi-cloud Kubernetes runtime

Deploy an enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime to power the delivery of modern apps across on-premises, public clouds, and edge. Includes logging, registry, networking, storage, OS, and Cluster API-driven lifecycle management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tanzu Advanced?

Tanzu Advanced is a set of capabilities that delivers best-of-breed proficiencies for enterprises embarking on a multi-cloud app modernization journey. Tanzu Advanced simplifies and secures the container lifecycle, enabling teams to deliver modern applications at scale in the public cloud and on-premises.

What are the key capabilities of Tanzu Advanced?

The most notable capabilities of Tanzu Advanced include faster delivery of containerized workloads, secure container lifecycle management, and simplified operations of containers and clusters across clouds.

What are the benefits of Tanzu Advanced?

Enterprises that use Tanzu Advanced benefit from developer velocity, security from code to customer, and operator efficiency.

How do you manage Kubernetes with Tanzu Advanced?

Tanzu Advanced simplifies operations with a centralized Kubernetes global control plane, giving you the ability to specify new policies for clusters and applications across clouds. Operations and security teams can set high-level goals for their Kubernetes estate, and development teams can set their own access policies within these boundaries.

Does Tanzu Advanced have full-stack observability?

Yes, Tanzu Advanced goes beyond monitoring and provides full-stack observability into the health and performance of workloads and clusters across clouds. Real-time event alerts and correlation can help you rapidly diagnose any performance-impacting issues.

Does Tanzu Advanced support multi-cloud implementations?

Yes, Tanzu Advanced offers a ubiquitous Kubernetes distribution plus a global control plane with a policy engine that applies to every cluster (or group of clusters), no matter where they're located. Tanzu Advanced also includes additional global control features ideal for multi-cloud management, such as observability, service mesh, and consolidated ingress services.

Does Tanzu Advanced support DevSecOps practices?

Yes, Tanzu Advanced is ideal for companies seeking to implement DevSecOps practices. It helps teams implement the right level of operational and security controls, freeing developers to focus on writing and delivering modern applications. For example, enterprises keen to embrace containers will find Tanzu Advanced enables operators to curate and secure a set of container images so that developers can grab and go, using those validated images to speed up their development efforts. Source code provenance and dependencies are all tracked and auditable.

How does Tanzu Advanced support Kubernetes security solutions?

Tanzu Advanced facilitates Kubernetes security solutions by protecting the entire lifecycle of container management. With Tanzu Advanced, base runtimes and preset components are always up to date, preventing misconfigurations across all clusters. All container images are even encrypted and continuously delivered to your Kubernetes clusters across clouds over secure, service mesh-enabled connectivity.

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