VMware’s Cloud Foundry Support Grows with Tanzu Application Service, Project Korifi, and Board Seat

August 30, 2022 Nick Kuhn

VMware continues to invest in Cloud Foundry and VMware Tanzu Application Service, VMware’s distribution of Cloud Foundry, to ensure it remains the best place to run business-critical applications.

Let’s dive a little deeper to see these exciting investments in action.

Catherine McGarvey joins the Cloud Foundry Foundation

Catherine McGarvey, vice president of software engineering at VMware, has joined the governing board of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. She brings a breadth of experience to the foundation and has been involved in the Cloud Foundry community for many years. Catherine was recently featured in a TFIR: Let’s Talk episode along with Chris Clarke, program manager of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. 

In this video, Catherine and Chris discuss the bright future of Cloud Foundry and how customers using Cloud Foundry continue to see the benefits of the application platform, especially as Kubernetes has become the de facto container orchestration engine. They point out that, even with the advent of Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry users benefit from using a true application platform as opposed to a plain container orchestration engine. 

Project Korifi works to bridge the gap

The Cloud Foundry community continues to work to bridge the developer experience gap between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes with Project Korifi. Korifi's mission is to serve as a Cloud Foundry compatibility layer on top of Kubernetes that will enable organizations to preserve their existing Cloud Foundry developer experience within the Kubernetes ecosystem. VMware’s commercial offering of Project Korifi is known as Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform. The team working on Application Service Adapter has made continued progress with incremental beta releases every month since January 2022. The Adapter should move to GA status later in 2022 and will offer a base level of Cloud Foundry compatibility for customers interested in trying out Kubernetes and Tanzu Application Platform without having to retool their developer community.

New versioning format 

The Tanzu Application Service team has adopted a Major.Minor.Patch+Metadata version format to more clearly communicate the level of change that goes into each release, enabling more flexibility for customer consumption of new changes and better visibility into compatibility. Tanzu Application Service 3.0 will be the first release to adopt this new format. Learn more about what's planned for the 3.0 release.

Updates to long-term support 

We are rebranding the long-term support (LTS) release program to the long-term support track (LTST). We aim to create releases for the LTST approximately once per year, with a vision to allow customers consuming the LTST releases to get new features without having to wait for up to two years as they did on the previous release cadence. Learn more about the long-term support track

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Want to see Tanzu Application Service in action? Check out how Albertsons scaled up their e-commerce operations running on Tanzu Application Service to meet their customers' needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For more information on Tanzu Application Service, check out the product page.

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Nick Kuhn

Nick Kuhn is a senior technical marketing architect working on Tanzu Application Service and Tanzu Application Platform. His experience with VMware products started with a traditional role as VI admin and morphed over the years into the realm of DevOps, SRE, and Platform Architecture & Engineering for a Fortune 100 company. In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with his family, tinkering with tech, and the occasional video game session. You can find him on Twitter @tehkuhnz.

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