What’s New with VMware Application Catalog

August 17, 2022 Bala Bharathy U

VMware Application Catalog is a source of trusted, continuously maintained, and verifiably tested open source images, custom-built to enterprise specifications and privately delivered directly to a customer’s registry of choice. This enables developers to get their apps to market quickly by eliminating the need to build these backing services in-house, while ensuring peace of mind for operators and security teams, given adherence to IT security policies with a detailed bill of materials for every image that proves the trustworthiness of the requested software.

In recent blogs, we announced the user interface integration of VMware Application Catalog with VMware Marketplace and briefed users about how enterprise-grade Bitnami apps can be used in production with guaranteed security and compliance through VMware Application Catalog. Today, we are announcing a host of recently added features that further enhance the product value for developer and operator teams alike.

What’s new with VMware Application Catalog 

  • Improved, extensive support for OpenShift – VMware Application Catalog now tests and verifies Helm charts in the catalog on Red Hat OpenShift in addition to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). So, customers can now deploy the compatible Helm charts provided by VMware Application Catalog on Red Hat OpenShift with the same security and confidence level as on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, Amazon EKS, and GKE.

  • Expanded operating system image support – With the additional long-term support (LTS) base OS image options offered now by VMware Application Catalog—Ubuntu 20 LTS, Debian 11, and Photon OS 4.0—customers can choose the OS image that best fits their requirements and choose to upgrade to a newer or different version as needed. Learn more.

  • Reduced turnaround time for delivery of images – When customers request new artifacts, VMware Application Catalog now follows a more efficient, upgraded process to deliver them. This effectively reduces the turnaround time for delivery of new artifact images from a matter of days to less than an hour.

  • Signing and verifying artifacts with Sigstore Cosign – All VMware Application Catalog artifacts—container images, container image metadata bundles, Helm charts, and Helm chart metadata bundles—are now signed using Sigstore Cosign. This enables customers to seamlessly verify the artifacts as needed, to ensure that all the artifacts do come from VMware and have not been tampered with, modified, or altered in any way.

  • Additions to the catalog – Several new applications, including Kubeapps, Matomo, Percona MySQL, Loki, Promtail, Blackbox Exporter, Pinniped, and Schema Registry, have been added to the catalog. The addition of Loki to the catalog means that it now supports the complete Grafana observability stack. A list of all applications in VMware Application Catalog can be found here.

Learn more

If you're looking to learn more about VMware Application Catalog, be sure to join our two sessions at VMware Explore at Moscone Center in San Francisco on August 31, 2022. Senior Managers of R&D Carlos Sanchez, Beltran Ruedo Borrego, and Abhishek Srivastava will provide answers to all your questions on VMware Application Catalog. Director of Product Management Kaushik Chatterjee will help you understand how you can secure your organization’s open source software supply chain with VMware Application Catalog.

You can also visit the product webpage and technical documentation for more information, or reach out to our product team directly for more questions at app-catalog@vmware.com.

About the Author

Bala Bharathy U

Bala Bharathy U is part of the product marketing team of VMware Tanzu, focusing on VMware Application Catalog and VMware Image Builder. He started his product marketing career in 2020 and has since worked on products across multiple tech domains, including virtualization, security, remote access, and application modernization.

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