Announcing the Evolution of Tanzu Application Catalog to VMware Application Catalog

November 3, 2021 Ashok Aletty

Today we are announcing the next step in the evolution of VMware Tanzu Application Catalog. Since its initial availability in March 2020, Tanzu Application Catalog has seen notable success due to its unique DevSecOps approach, which caters to the needs of developers, security admins, and IT operators. Tanzu Application Catalog offers a library of prepackaged, validated, production-ready open source container images that can be customized using base OS images of any customer’s choosing. On one hand, this curated image catalog boosts developer agility by allowing them to discover, iterate, and rapidly bring apps to production with prepackaged backing services tested on multiple deployment platforms. On the other hand, this also promotes operator confidence by enabling adherence to IT security and compliance levels with visibility into code provenance and build-time CVE and antivirus scanning.  

Evolving to VMware Application Catalog 

Over the past year, one of the most requested new features for this product has been support for virtual machine images. We’re excited to announce that support for OVA images on Tanzu Application Catalog will be released soon! Virtual machine support will broaden the product’s charter from a container-only catalog and help us meet customers wherever they are in their modernization journey. Thus, we’re renaming the product to reflect its new, wider capability and audience reach. Starting today, Tanzu Application Catalog will be officially renamed to VMware Application Catalog. 

Recently, additional features have also been added to the product, including a brand-new self-onboarding user interface for customers. Instead of a manual white-glove process, VMware Application Catalog users can now request desired artifacts and provide their custom base operating system image and a private registry of choice—all through an easy-to-use self-onboarding workflow, with just a few clicks. 

What this means for customers 

VMware Application Catalog users will see the new product name reflected in the user interface and documentation and will soon be able to request artifacts in the form of virtual machines, in addition to already-supported container formats.  

To learn more, read about VMware Application Catalog on our product page, browse through all applications available on VMware Application Catalog, or read our newly updated technical documentation. For more questions, reach out to the product team directly at   

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