How is VMware RabbitMQ Different from Open Source RabbitMQ and Why Should You Consider It?

October 27, 2022 Arnab Chakraborty

Businesses around the world today are increasingly becoming digital-first. The need for real-time event streaming and messaging continues to grow as organizations have started to look to their data to power real time analytics and derive business intelligence to drive day to day operations. 

RabbitMQ today is the most widely deployed open source messaging and streaming broker in the world. From Runtastic to T-Mobile, RabbitMQ is used worldwide at the smallest of start-ups to the largest of enterprises, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. Per the 2021 Sysdig Container Report, 8% of containers running worldwide exist to run RabbitMQ.

However, Open Source RabbitMQ does not provide all the features that are needed by modern day enterprises to run and scale applications as needed in a secure environment. Enhanced data governance mechanisms, resilient data recovery, and the flexibility to choose your deployment (whether it be Kubernetes, on premises, or cloud) are only some of the features that make your critical enterprise workload run smoothly and securely with zero interruption.

What is VMware RabbitMQ?

VMware RabbitMQ is an enterprise-grade message broker with event streaming capabilities that connects multiple distributed applications and processes high-volume data in real-time, at scale. The VMware offering is built on open source RabbitMQ and expands on the core benefits of the open source version. Below are some of the highlights that you can expect with VMware RabbitMQ.



VMware RabbitMQ

Delivering solid business continuity across multiple sites

Manual, and therefore data loss is a risk

Automated and orchestrated via Kubernetes operators

Validated install of RabbitMQ out of the box

RabbitMQ is scanned for common vulnerabilities and exposures

RabbitMQ and its dependencies are scanned

RabbitMQ deployments are secure from Day 0


Non-safe transport layer security (TLS) variants disabled, automated, and orchestrated; mutual TLS and vault integration

24-7 VMware Support

Limited support

Round-the-clock support across the globe with defined service-level agreements (SLA)


OSS RabbitMQ vs. VMware RabbitMQ: Key Differences

Let’s explore what features VMware RabbitMQ gives you on top of open source software (OSS) RabbitMQ.


Open Source RabbitMQ

VMware RabbitMQ


Dependencies validated, security scanned, and included, as well as security fixes for base OS supplied

Reduced cost of installing, upgrading, and testing dependencies. Reduced risk profile as OS security vulnerabilities are also supplied.

Multi-site replication with dynamic adaptation to wide area network latency and semi-automated promotion on failover

Reduced costs of designing and configuring disaster recovery topology; reduced recovery point objective, recovery time objective, and overall risk.

Multi-site replication: assisted deployment and configuration of passive sites

Reduced cost of deploying and configuring RabbitMQ clusters.

Delegated authentication and/or authorization to Hashicorp Vault

Reduced cost of configuring integration and maintenance. Reduced security risks by using a single source of truth.

Reduced network utilization between RabbitMQ nodes


Reduced cost of data ingress/egress between availability zones(especially. when running in a public cloud). Reduced risk of network saturation.

Enhanced encryption: non-safe variants of TLS disabled by default

Reduced security risk out of the box, as well as cost of disabling manually for every deployment.

Enhanced encryption: automated setup of mutual TLS between RabbitMQ nodes

Reduced cost of manually configuring each deployment. Reduced risk of man-in-the-middle attacks.

**Only applies to Kubernetes.

So why should you choose VMware RabbitMQ after all?

Here are more reasons why you should make the move to VMware RabbitMQ.

  • Strong 24-7 support ecosystem – VMware Support teams are stationed around the globe and respond to RabbitMQ issues within a defined SLA. They are even able to escalate to the engineers who built the feature in the most urgent cases.
  • VMware Tanzu Labs professional monitoring and support – The Tanzu Labs professional services teams have extensive experience in RabbitMQ. Some key areas of support are: 
  • Access to key resources – Beyond the above-mentioned support, there is needs-based direct access to key teams (e.g., VMware RabbitMQ product team).
    • Offering RabbitMQ health checks for customers
    • Providing architectural advice
    • Reviewing performance and recommending improvements
  • The VMware promise – Finally, you get the steadfast VMware commitment to stand by our customers no matter what.

Make your move to VMware RabbitMQ today

VMware RabbitMQ can help extract maximum value out of the data inside your organization, whether you have been a long-time open source RabbitMQ user or just getting started.

Want to know more about us? Feel free to reach out and check how VMware RabbitMQ can be a fit for your landscape.

Ready to give it a try? You can get started for free today!

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